Porsche: More 911 Race Cars Than Special Editions

The Popularity of Cup 911 Racing Cars

Porsche Motorsport is commemorating a momentous event with the production of its 5,000th Cup 911 racecar based on the iconic Porsche 911. Established in 1990 for the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, this prototype has rapidly become the world’s most widely-manufactured competition car, with a total of 34 Porsche-supported single-make cups taking place all over the globe.

The Cup 911 has progressed from an engineering-driven production form to a purebred racing car, with the current Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (series 992). The up-to-date 911 GT3 Cup contains a PC cushioned safety compartment, a consecutive dog-box transmittal with shift paddles on the steering wheel, a carbon-fiber frame, cockpit components and a rear wing that may be shifted in 11 locations.

The 4-liter, six-cylinder boxer motor with its 503 horsepower output is comparable to that of the street-legal Porsche 911 GT3, apart from its racing exhaust system and special engine electricals. The persistent efficiency implies that servicing during an entire Supercup or Carrera Cup tournament is unnecessary.

“A staggering 5,000 Cup 911s have been produced, signifying the remarkable success of Porsche’s one-make cups around the world. This immense popularity among teams, professionals, young drivers, and amateur racers alike is a testament to the level of admiration Porsche has achieved globally. No other racing car from the manufacturer has seen such vast production numbers or been raced as often,” remarked Oliver Koppen, Manager of One-Make Series and GT Sport at Porsche Motorsport Sales.

Indeed, Porsche has developed so many Cup 911s that they have constructed more than most other special-edition, road-legal models by other companies.

The Cup 911 motor car is produced in a similar manner to the regular Porsche 911 models at the primary factory situated in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, and has an average production time of approximately 8 hours. For the 2023 season, a unique Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is intended to be utilized in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup; with renowned guest racers taking part in specific stages of the international one-make cup. The 5,000th competition vehicle will showcase a special paint scheme, which will set it apart from the rest.

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