Porsche Sees China’s EV Provocation as a Plus

Design Exec Believes Trend Boosts Open-Mindedness in Management.

Have you stumbled upon something named Zeekr? In case you’ve just encountered it for the very first time, here is some background. It is a manufacturer of superior electric automobiles, belonging to the Geely enterprise – the same company which owns Volvo. What makes this particular carmaker noteworthy is that since 2021, Zeekr has been pushing limits with its cars design, which is edgy and modern in many aspects. Of course, there are other Chinese companies which do something similar.

It has recently emerged that Porsche’s head of design, Michael Mauer, views this new stylistic trend as a positive development for the industry. This is contrary to traditional expectations, as European carmakers usually display a more cautious approach to changes such as this. It appears that this fresh fashion has revolutionized the sector.

Start-ups that have no significant history can approach items altogether divergently, as mentioned in a recent interview with Bloomberg by Mauer. As a designer, He holds this outlook in a positive light due to the fact that it causes decision makers, like the board of directors, to be more receptive.

“The goal is to adapt them without losing their iconic character. We have to steer clear of just translating them into electric products”When discussing some Volkswagen and Porsche’s famous models, the objective is very clear: they require the transition into the modern age of personal transportation. This will introduce them to the competition with fresh marques from China including Zeekr, Nio, Li Auto, Xpeng and more. To put it metaphorically, Mauer states: “The aim is to modify them devoid of sacrificing their stylish appeal. We must not simply transfer them into electric manifestations”.

In my mind’s eye, I continually envision a stone that I fling ahead into the future. The dilemma that frequently appears to me is: how far should I hurl it? Straining to obtain ultimate accuracy, extending it sufficiently forward in time yet not excessively, presents a genuine obstacle.

Despite the becoming more and more competitive Chinese landscape with the expanding local EVs, Porsche still achieves great success in the country. During the initial six months of this year, the firm based in Stuttgart delivered 43,832 units in China leading to an 8 percent growth on last year’s figures. Moreover, Porsche’s only electric model available for sale, Taycan, achieved a 46 percent surge versus the first half of 2022. Currently, the People’s Republic is known as Porsche’s major market worldwide.

Source: Bloomberg

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