Zeekr Unveils 007 Electric Sedan: 636-HP Luxury Car at CES 2024

Electric Vehicle Boasts Impressive 540-Mile Range

Chinese electric vehicle company Zeekr has revealed its latest luxury sedan, the fully electric 007, at the current Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas. At present, the specifications for the US market have not been disclosed as it has yet to be released. Nevertheless, Zeekr shared numerous images of the car on their official X (previously known as Twitter) account.

Zeekr, based in Zhejiang and a subsidiary of major Chinese automaker Geely, specializes in high-end automobiles. Notably, their lineup includes the impressive 001 FR with a whopping 1,265 horsepower, which was launched worldwide last year as a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model S Plaid. In a recent announcement, Zeekr revealed plans to introduce new electric models in the United States, and it seems likely that the 007 will be among them.

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In terms of appearance, the 007 made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show and boasts a sleek design befitting of an executive sedan. It can easily rival the recently unveiled Yangwang U7 and competes well with Tesla’s EV models in terms of aerodynamic efficiency.

The initial change is the customary “grille-less” front fascia, enhanced by elongated C-shaped LED daytime running lamps. The lower front area features a slim vent, while the upper portion boasts a seamless hood with understated character lines. The overall design of this vehicle exudes subtlety, with its sleek appearance being particularly appealing, especially when paired with the slender LED taillights.

The Chinese edition of 007 features a dual-engine configuration for its all-wheel drive model. With its highest level of performance, it can generate an impressive 636 horsepower and offer a range of approximately 540 miles.

Geely’s cutting-edge SEA architecture is utilized by the 007, as well as in the Jiyue 07, which is posed to challenge the Tesla Model 3. According to Zeekr, this shared foundation allows for the 007 to boast a high-power 800-volt battery made from lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP), which can charge up to 380 miles in a mere 15 minutes.

One of the remarkable qualities of this Zeekr car is its advanced technology, which was made possible through collaborations with various companies. The front section, for example, boasts a personalized digital panel from the renowned French automotive supplier, Valeo. Additionally, the Chinese variant features a 15.05-inch touchscreen that runs on a Snapdragon 8295 processor from Qualcomm, a chipmaker based in San Diego.

Pricing details for the opulent sedan have not yet been disclosed, but Zeekr’s presence at CES 2024 indicates their interest in the American market. Considering the car’s impressive capabilities, this could prove to be a positive move for the brand.

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