Porsche Taycan Refresh: Sportier Editions & Refined Interior

It’s said to be a little less sporty than the so-called Turbo GT, but it could be hotter than the current model.

It has become evident that Porsche is planning to give the much in-demand Taycan a facelift, with several examplary automobiles having been noticed undergoing tests in public. Recently, observers observed a Turbo GT edition which included a huge wing, however our spies then saw another variant which wasn’t quite as intense.

Speculation is rife over the release of a sportier version of the Porsche Taycan EV, after a sighting of a “subtly sporty” model. While the exact identity of this vehicle is yet to be revealed, it is believed to either be a Turbo GT Touring or simply a Turbo GT without the large rear wing.

It is noteworthy to observe that the frontal bumper covered in camouflage might look comparable to the so-called Turbo GT we detected prior. Additionally, we see the rear corners masked, which intimates that these areas will be altered in the official variation.

We also detected a hardcore adaptation of the Taycan before, coupled with a roll bar and Recaro upholstery to accentuate its elevated-performance character.

The Taycan, however, is not expected to undergo any significant styling revisions as this is primarily a cosmetic update. Nonetheless, upon closer inspection, an interesting detail piques the interest; that being a black-and-silver Porsche badge adorning the wheelcaps. This is rather unusual for a marque from Stuttgart and we can’t help but wonder whether this unique styling element will actually make it to production.

We had the fortunate opportunity to look into the upcoming facelifted Taycan, giving us a glimpse of the creative modifications anticipated. Examining the upper parts of the dashboard exhibited some major transformations, particularly around the encasement for the digital gauges. There appeared to be sizeable usage of both Alcantara and leather in its shady colour scheme.

It is anticipated that the remodeled models will be released in the early months of 2024. Consequently, more information about the faster versions should emerge in the upcoming weeks. The refreshed Porsche Panamera is also forthcoming which may portend that potentially one could appear earlier than was expected.

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