Porsche Taycan Turbo GT: A $286,845 Price Tag for Top-of-the-Line Performance and Luxury.

Customize Your Turbo GT: Limited Up-Spec Options for Pricey Porsche Model

Porsche has released the newest version of their iconic Taycan, and it is nothing short of impressive. Dubbed as the strongest model ever produced by Porsche, the Turbo GT packs a powerful punch with a whopping 1,092 horsepower that can be fully experienced in Attack Mode for brief moments. But this car is not just about speed, as proven by its record-breaking performance on renowned tracks like Laguna Seca and the Nürburgring when equipped with the top-of-the-line Weissach Package. The recently launched Porsche configurator gives us an in-depth look at the plethora of extra features included in the Turbo GT.

Upon experimenting with the configurator for a brief period, we have reached the realization that the real focus should not be on what the Turbo GT offers, but rather on what it does not. As avid Porsche enthusiasts, we have become accustomed to intricate configurators rife with choices that can easily inflate the base price by a staggering $100,000. However, in this case, the list of options is remarkably concise. But do not mistaken this for a budget-friendly option, as we were able to rack up an additional cost of $54,850, with one particular choice comprising more than half of the total surcharges.

Porsche offers an extravagant feature in their Exclusive Manufaktur program called the Paint To Sample Plus at a steep price of $30,020. This allows customers to select a personalized color for their Taycan from the factory. Alternatively, there are five standard color options, including the stunning Shade Green Metallic and the Purple Sky Metallic, which was the standout launch color. The remaining choices are Volcano Grey Metallic, White, and Black. For an additional cost of $2,850, customers can choose the unique Pale Blue Metallic, inspired by the 911 Dakar. In our pursuit to find the most luxurious Taycan Turbo GT available, we opt for the exquisite blue shade offered by the Paint To Sample Plus.

In addition, we opted for the less aesthetically pleasing Full Taycan Design Wrap priced at $11,400, featuring striking branding on both sides and large stripes flowing over the vehicle. Honestly, the significantly smaller Taycan Exterior Decal Set at $1,210 has a more appealing appearance, but given our boundless budget, we were inclined to disregard personal preferences.

These two choices bring us close to the additional cost of $54,850. Additional changes to the exterior, such as painted mirrors and wheels, black door handles, and badges, come with a price tag of $2,570. A lit-up Porsche logo on the taillight strip costs $460, while illuminated carbon fiber door sills with personalized lettering come at a steep $3,070. An upgraded GT Interior Package with highlights in Voltage Blue will set you back an extra $940, including features like eye-catching pedals and customized owner manuals.

The cost of the Turbo GT skyrockets to a staggering $284,845. However, if we want to fully cover all aspects, the Porsche Experience Center Delivery must also be factored in. For an additional fee of $2,000, buyers have the option of collecting their vehicle from either Atlanta or Los Angeles, while enjoying a luxurious VIP treatment at the same time. In the end, the total price comes in at $286,845.

Looking for the ultimate setup for the incredibly dominant Taycan Turbo GT? Share your preferred settings with us by leaving a comment down below.

Source: Porsche

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