Possible 400 Horsepower for Toyota Crown GR Sedan

Enhanced handling for optimal athleticism.

Rumors from Japan suggest that Toyota is in the process of creating a GR variant of the Crown sedan, boasting 380 horsepower, improved chassis features, and a bolder appearance. These reports, although lacking evidence, continue to stir excitement among car enthusiasts.Allegedly, the GR version of the Toyota Crown will come equipped with a powerful 380-horsepower engine, delivering enhanced performance to thrill sports car lovers. In addition, this edition is expected to have upgraded chassis components, ensuring a smoother and more dynamic driving experience.The speculated design of the GR Crown is said to be sportier and more aggressive in comparison to its standard counterpart. This includes sharper lines, a sleeker profile, and an overall edgier appearance. If these rumors are true, the GR Crown will definitely stand out on the road.While there is no solid confirmation or official announcement yet from Toyota, the buzz surrounding the potential release of a GR variant for the Crown has car enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its arrival. Only time will tell if these speculations hold any truth, but one thing is for sure – a sportier and more powerful version of the Crown sedan would surely be welcomed by fans of the brand.

According to Japan’s BestCarWeb, significant improvements are in store for the turbocharged 2.4-liter hybrid engine. While the United States currently offers the top-of-the-line Platinum Hybrid Max model, boasting a maximum of 340 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, it is reported that even more enhancements will be implemented. As a result, this vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

It is speculated that a Gazoo Racing-modified Crown may be in development, with the expected use of this powertrain resulting in a possible acceleration of less than five seconds from 0-60 mph.

Toyota’s Gazoo division is not just focused on speed, as this report suggests that they will be enhancing various aspects such as brakes, suspension, and body rigidity. Similar to its base model, the upgraded version will also distribute power to all four wheels. It appears that Toyota’s Gazoo department has a lot more in store than just sheer velocity. According to this report, there are plans for improvements to the braking system, suspension firmness, and body structure durability. The power delivery to all four wheels will mirror that of the original model.

Naturally, Toyota has not offered any clues about the creation of a GR Crown yet, leaving us without any teasers or spy shots to analyze. However, two in-house tuners, Gazoo Racing and Modellista, have already unveiled aesthetic enhancements for the Crown, featuring sleek body kits that could serve as a sneak peek at a possible GR Crown model.

Toyota faced the challenge of differentiating the high-performance Crown from other cars in the market. To achieve this, they would need to incorporate unique features such as spoilers, flics, oversized wheels, and a touch of carbon fiber.

Though Toyota has yet to make any official announcements, if the car is brought to the American market, it will find itself in a troublesome pricing position. The highest trim level of the Crown Hybrid Max has a price tag of $53,740, while the Lexus IS500 comes in at approximately $60,000.

Over the past few months, the range of vehicles offered by Crown in the local market has expanded to include the Signia SUV. Across international borders, customers have a selection between the Crown Sport and the elegant Crown sedan – a more classic option compared to the elevated crossover model available in the United States.

It should be noted that Toyota has intentions of unveiling a Crown coupe and convertible in the near future, so the possibility of a sportier version of the Crown is not completely far-fetched. However, until this hearsay is verified, our only option is to remain hopeful.


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