Toyota Crown Sport PHEV: 302 HP of SUV Power

56 Miles on No Gasoline

In the US, we only have two options of the four models of the Crown model lineup- such as the raised sedan and the upcoming Signia SUV. Conversely, in Japan there are two further designs; which consist of a traditional sedan that does not contain a lift kit, and then a smaller crossover, known as the Crown Sport. This particular model is now being provided with a charging port, along with a substantial powertrain, however it still won’t make its way to America.

In contrast to the Crown Signia, the sporty iteration of Toyota’s Crown model is diminutive in size; bearing more than a passing resemblance to Japan’s Ferrari Purosangue when dressed in its signature red livery. Unfortunately, it forgoes the V12 powerhouse favored by true sports car aficionados. Nevertheless, its 302 hp backed up by a 2.5 litre petrol engine and electric motor delivering power to each one of the four wheels still makes it a powerful force to be reckoned with in accordance with Toyota standards.

For the PHEV iteration, Toyota enhanced the restraining potential by conjoining 20-inch rotors to six-piston calipers, all taking on a red hue for both hubs. They also included paddle shifters, though we speculate few operators will utilize them with such an electrically-assisted Sports Utility Vehicle. As opposed to its non-plug-in hybrid Crown Sport counterpart, this new edition has further reinforcing in the underside tunnel granting more structural integrity.

Considering it’s a plug-in hybrid, its efficiency is beyond measure. At the core of the ride lies a hefty lithium-ion battery, unveiled with the power to drive solely electrically up to 56 miles (90 km). It’ll take 38 mins until reaching an 80% charge. Insert the 14.5 gallon (55 Liter) fuel tank and you can easily cover around 746 miles (1,200 km).

The Toyota Crown Sport PHEV is equipped with large 21-inch black wheels and wider tires that are paired with an adaptive suspension and modified shock absorbers. According to the automaker, this setup provides a “planted ride” for the vehicle.

One nifty characteristic is the facility for both forward and reverse charging due to the external power source having a capacity of 1,500 watts (AC 100V), which might be incredibly useful in tumultuous circumstances. It can also fuel a range of items an outside enthusiast may need while exploring nature. The Crown Sport PHEV retails at 7,650,000 yen (approximately $52,900) and Toyota predicts they’ll sell approximately 300 units per month.

Source: Toyota

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