Possible Deployable Door Screens in Ford’s Future Off-Roader.

Patent reveals power-operated screens with integrated pyrotechnic charges for crash deployment.

Removing the doors from a Ford Bronco is a relatively simple task that can enhance your off-road adventure. However, this may not be ideal for highway driving as it lacks the security of traditional doors. One alternative could be installing tube doors, but this can be labor-intensive. Recently, Ford revealed a patent for retractable screen doors, suggesting they are exploring new ways to enhance the driving experience.

The patent application was first submitted in October 2020, shortly after the introduction of the Bronco which offered detachable doors. While the vehicle depicted in the patent drawings doesn’t look like the Bronco, it appears that Ford may have been envisioning a direct competitor to the revived Jeep Wrangler with this concept. Essentially, the invention involves a series of screens that can be activated either automatically or at the driver’s command. Motors are responsible for moving the screens into place, and it’s not limited to just doors. The patent also mentions screens for removable roof panels, though it’s unclear why someone would prefer these over a clear view of the open sky.

The use of screens on open doors can provide some extra security for drivers and passengers who may be worried about accidentally falling out. Additionally, Ford’s patent suggests a broader safety benefit. The screens can be extended and retracted through the use of electric motors, but there is also a mention of a pyrotechnic device that could be activated to quickly secure them in place in the event of a collision. Presumably, sensors would ensure that no body parts are in the way before triggering the deployment. However, the speed at which they would need to deploy for maximum effectiveness is still uncertain. In summary, Ford has patented electronically deployable and detonatable screen doors.

Will this characteristic be present in upcoming vehicles? Typically, numerous patents are submitted solely to safeguard concepts that may never materialize. However, the concept of deployable screens for door cavities appears to be quite promising. The notion of incorporating a pyrotechnic charge to deploy them during a collision is still under consideration.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

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