Off-Road-Ready Ford Bronco for Sale: Conquer Baja with this DR Model

Limited Edition Multimatic Motorsports Bronco DR Now Available on Bring a Trailer

Shortly after Ford revived the iconic Bronco, they revealed the Bronco DR, a high-performance off-road vehicle created in collaboration with Multimatic Motorsports. This beast puts the Bronco Raptor to shame with its impressive capabilities. One lucky buyer now has the chance to own chassis number 13 out of only 50 produced, as it is currently being auctioned on Bring a Trailer and is ready to take on the treacherous terrain of Baja.

According to the auction, the quoted text states that the true mileage of this Bronco DR is “unknown.” However, it is evident that the vehicle has not been driven as it still has its original protective cover for the two Recaro bucket seats. The original build sheet also indicates that this DR model includes the desirable Baja package, as stated by BaT. This package boasts additional features such as rock lights, sirens, and LED light bars. The starting price for the DR was set at $295,000, but this particular one has been upgraded with options, bringing the total cost to an astonishing $393,405.

One of the most impressive choices is the paint option. Fans of the Mustang will undoubtedly identify it as Mystichrome – the special paint available for the 2004 Mustang Cobra that changes color depending on the angle of view. However, selecting this option raised the cost of the build by $27,500. It would be fascinating to see how it looks when covered in mud.

The Bronco DR was equipped with a Coyote 5.0-liter V8, a feature that is not available in the standard roadgoing Bronco. Additionally, it also boasted a 10-speed automatic transmission. The overall design and components of this truck exude a sense of sturdiness and durability, evident in its massive Multimatic DSSV dampers and robust BF Goodrich tires mounted on beadlock wheels. Similar to other off-road race trucks, the radiator is located at the rear, just behind the cabin, and a 65-gallon tank allows for extended periods of driving without needing to refuel. On the inside, the Bronco DR is fully prepared for racing, featuring an off-road navigation system, a MoTeC dash display, and harnesses for the Recaro seats.

Multimatic has recently announced that it will no longer be accepting orders for the coveted Bronco DR. If you happen to have missed out on securing a spot on the waiting list, now is your sole opportunity to acquire one. However, be prepared to pay a premium price.

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