Possible Leaked Info on Huge Increase to Tesla Model 3 Performance

Rumored to Reach 618HP: A Powerful Combination

Tesla enthusiasts have recently discovered new details about the highly anticipated Model 3 Performance, as disclosed data on X (formerly known as Twitter) shows a significant boost in power. A leaked report from the South Korean Ministry of Environment has shared information on the Model 3 Performance’s power ratings and drivetrain specifications, indicating that the upcoming model will come equipped with a powerful rear electric motor capable of producing 406 horsepower. This supports earlier speculation that Tesla would introduce a new rear motor for the Model 3 Performance. Rumors suggest that this motor, known as the 5D1, will feature a carbon sleeve rotor, which is expected to enhance its overall performance.

Although the document presents compelling content, it should be noted that its authenticity cannot be confirmed, making the information provided unofficial. Furthermore, Tesla has not addressed any media requests, leaving us without any official statements from the automaker.

According to leaked information about the #Model3 #Performance in South Korea, there have been some changes from the previous LG M3P. However, the weight remains the same. The battery pack is still being made by LG and has a nominal voltage of 355V.The front motor, model 3D3, with a power output of 158kW, has not been altered. However, there is a new motor, model 4D2, which has a higher power output of 303kW. The Performance motors in the previous model reached peak power at speeds of 70-75kph, but this new motor reaches its peak at 110kph. See the image below for more details: pic.twitter.com/1HMMK32XKJ

Despite initial claims, the most recent leak names the new electric motor as the ‘4D2.’ Although we can’t confirm this until the Model 3 Performance is released, it does indicate that the latest iteration of the high-performance electric sedan will possess impressive acceleration capabilities.

It has been reported that the frontal engine remains the same, boasting a considerable 212 horsepower. This would ultimately generate a combined power of 618 horses, a drastic increase from its previous model. Just to refresh your memory, the present Model 3 Performance offers approximately 430 horsepower in total, making this gossip about a remarkable boost seem highly plausible.

Boasting a remarkable 430 horsepower, this vehicle can make the jump from 0 to 60 mph in a rapid 3.1 seconds, ultimately reaching an impressive top speed of 162 mph. With such impressive stats, it is no surprise that the upcoming model is expected to surpass these numbers, with a projected sub-three second sprint time and a top speed that could potentially exceed 170 mph.

It is important to remember that despite its increased length, the new Model 3 retains a similar weight as its previous model. Therefore, the Performance trim of the car will not suffer from any additional weight and the added power will significantly enhance its performance compared to the previous version.

Furthermore, it appears that the recently introduced 4D2 electric motor will attain its maximum power at a quicker rate compared to its predecessor. While the current model’s rear motor reaches its peak power at 47 mph, the updated version will only hit its maximum power output at 68 mph. This enhancement is expected to enhance the vehicle’s top-end reaction time and mid-range acceleration, especially during highway driving and when overtaking other vehicles. Of course, the initial acceleration from a standstill should still be impressively fast.

The announcement of the Model 3 Performance has already been captured prior to its official launch and is rumored to bear the Ludicrous emblem, in addition to a fresh emblem resembling the Model S Plaid.

Comprehensive information is anticipated to be available no later than mid-year.

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