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Upcoming success to P1 will boast gullwing doors and 1,000+ hp.

It’s been 11 years since McLaren first unveiled the P1, and despite numerous unique editions released by Woking in that time, a proper successor to the P1 has yet to surface. However, before this year comes to an end, we may finally witness the debut of a new flagship model from the renowned British brand – and it will still feature a powerful combustion engine.

The latest report from Automotive News Europe reveals that the upcoming McLaren hypercar is currently known as “P18” within the company and will feature a plug-in hybrid V8 system. The powertrain is anticipated to generate more than 1,000 horsepower by combining a gasoline engine with electric motor(s), all housed in a brand new carbon fiber chassis. In order to reduce weight and enhance stiffness, the seats are allegedly attached directly to the chassis, while certain suspension elements are rumored to be manufactured using 3D printing technology.

According to sources close to the matter, the highly anticipated successor to the P1, known as the P18, is set to break away from McLaren’s signature dihedral doors and instead adopt gullwing doors. This news was reported by ANE, who also revealed that the P18 will feature an active rear spoiler and other aerodynamic elements inspired by Formula 1 vehicles. The front of the car will reportedly showcase recessed headlights similar to those seen on the recently released Artura model. This new addition will join McLaren’s prestigious “Ultimate Series” lineup.

The latest addition to the company’s lineup, the new crown jewel, is set to make its debut by the end of 2024. According to Nicolas Brown, President of the Americas region, the engineers are currently in the process of “fine-tuning” this new hypercar. It has been speculated that the hybrid system being used is a revolutionary development, weighing in at 70 percent lighter than the one currently utilized in the Artura. It comes as no surprise that this model will not be fully electric, as CEO Michael Leiters previously stated that “real supercars” without a combustion engine will not be introduced until at least 2030.

There are currently several cutting-edge electric vehicles on the market, including the Rimac Nevera, Lotus Evija, and Pininfarina Battista. Looking ahead, Tesla is set to release their highly anticipated Roadster later this year, while Ferrari has announced plans to introduce their first electric model in 2025.

It is anticipated that Porsche will give the go-ahead for a production model of the Mission X prototype in the near future. Across the globe in China, BYD has just introduced the Yangwang U9. Other noteworthy contenders in the electric performance market include China’s Nio EP9 and Japan’s Aspark Owl. With the year 2030 still half a decade away, there is ample opportunity for other car manufacturers to join the trend towards high-performing electrified vehicles.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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