Possible Revival of Toyota FJ Cruiser Based on Hilux Champ Platform

Japanese brand developing boxy SUV for 2021 debut.

Toyota is said to be developing an SUV that will be built upon the IMV 0 platform. This platform is also used for the Hilux Champ, a budget-friendly truck released in Asia a couple of months back. As per Autocar India, this potential new SUV may carry the iconic FJ Cruiser moniker, marking the revival of the popular name after its official discontinuation in the previous year.

According to sources, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (TMAP) representative Hao Quoc Tien announced at the Tokyo Mobility Show that the IMV 0 will not only consist of pickup trucks, but will also include an upcoming SUV. Tien emphasized that the IMV 0 is a multifaceted project with various vehicle options. He stated this at the event in Tokyo.

Tien stated, “That is a different project and we are cooking something right now.”

Based on Autocar India’s report, the FJ Cruiser is expected to have a slightly smaller size compared to the Toyota Fortuner, which is considered a midsize ladder-frame SUV and is smaller than the US version of the Land Cruiser that is available in other countries. The current Fortuner uses the IMV platform, which is the foundation for the IMV 0 platform used in the Hilux Champ. This particular platform is also utilized in the Hilux pickup truck and the Innova MPV.

In the meantime, reports suggest that the upcoming SUV will maintain the same wheelbase as the Fortuner and Innova, but with a more robust and boxy design. Unlike the Hilux Champ, which was designed for heavy-duty tasks and has a simple interior, the FJ Cruiser is said to boast a luxurious cabin furnished with high-quality materials, offering the option of two or three rows.

There have been previous speculations about the potential revival of the FJ Cruiser. In 2021, a trademark registration for the Land Cruiser FJ moniker surfaced, stirring up excitement among fans. Additionally, the unveiling of the Concept FJ Cruiser EV (pictured above) in 2022 suggested that the iconic model could be making a comeback as an electric adventure vehicle.

There is no definitive answer at present, however, due to the adaptable nature of the IMV 0, it is not unexpected for Toyota to strive for producing additional vehicles on this frame in order to make the most out of their investment. Another ambiguity lies in whether or not the speculated revival of the FJ Cruiser will be released in the US as a lower-level model compared to the Land Cruiser.

It remains to be seen, but supposedly it will occur before the year’s end, which is the anticipated release date for the IMV0-derived SUV.

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