Powerful Porsche Taycan Unveiled March 11th: See It In Action!

Possible options: – Production Version of Record-Breaking Nurburgring Car Likely to Debut – 7:07 Nurburgring Lapping Car’s Production

Porsche has recently announced the commencement of the countdown for the highly-anticipated release of their most extreme Taycan model. Set to make its world debut on March 11, this new addition to the Taycan lineup promises to be “the most dynamic version yet.” Despite the use of marketing terminology, it is expected that this high-performance electric sedan will be a production variant of the prototype that impressively completed a lap around the Nordschleife in just 7 minutes and 7.55 seconds.

After an impressive performance on the track, the Taycan Turbo S has shaved off a significant 26 seconds of its lap time and surpassed the Tesla Model S Plaid’s hot lap record at the challenging Nürburgring. Set to be even more ferocious, the hardcore Taycan will surely pack some serious speed. A newly revealed teaser image gives us just a glimpse of its mysterious silhouette, but we can expect it to bear all the hallmark features of a thoroughbred racer. The most noticeable change is the massive wing adorning the rear, which distinguishes it from its less powerful counterparts. Of course, Porsche has also made other undisclosed aerodynamic enhancements that we’ll have the pleasure of discovering next week.

The latest Taycan model to hit the market is the Turbo S, boasting an impressive 938 horsepower – a significant increase from its predecessor’s 750 hp. However, it seems that Porsche has more in store for the flagship vehicle, with rumors suggesting that it will exceed 1,000 hp and rival the Plaid’s massive 1,020-hp capability. Such power can only mean one thing: lightning-fast acceleration that can snap your neck back. And with the new Turbo S already achieving a 0-62 mph time of just 2.4 seconds – a 0.4 second improvement from the previous Turbo S – the future version is bound to be even more exhilarating.

The identity of the car is still shrouded in secrecy, although many are speculating that it could be called the Taycan Turbo GT, considered by some to be the most prized possession. There is also uncertainty surrounding the number of electric motors, as conflicting reports suggest that Porsche’s team is working on fitting a third motor. It is advisable to take these revelations with skepticism and caution.

A potential third engine could contribute to the substantial weight of the car, even though Zuffenhausen may attempt to compensate for the added heft by implementing a weight-reducing regimen for their electric sedan. As a point of comparison, the Taycan Turbo S currently tips the scales at 5,082 pounds in the US.

Porsche has recently implemented a facelift for their lineup, resulting in a price increase. The latest update includes a $14,445 raise for the Taycan Turbo S, now starting at $210,995. It can be assumed that the upcoming Turbo GT, or whatever it may be called, will come with an even higher price tag. It wouldn’t be surprising if it reaches the $250,000 mark, similar to the cost of a Lucid Air Sapphire. In comparison, the AMG EQS starts at $147,550 and the Plaid version of Tesla’s models is significantly cheaper at $89,990. However, the debate over whether Tesla qualifies as a luxury brand remains ongoing.

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