Preview BMW M3 Touring Facelift

Under-the-Hood Updates: New Headlights and Taillights

Our covert photographers have snapped pictures of two testers of the re-vamped BMW M3 Touring, and the images expose that the sports sedan will welcome overhauled lamp installations for its 2025 interpretation. At the disposal, the headlamps gain restyled elements, and the taillights are set to mirror this at the back. But apart from that, the four-door M3 is likely to gain little visual enhancements when it is released next year.

Because of the major transformations beneath the surface, there have been various accounts saying that the M3 sedan and its matching coupe, the M4, will achieve an elevated strength-level; levering the base-model of the M3 and M4 toward obsolescence.

Frank van Meel, the leader of the BMW M division, has recently reported that M vehicles will soon have their Competition trims designated as the starting choices for those wishing to become M car owners. This is already in place for automobiles such as the X5M and the M8, therefore it is not improbable that the M3 and the M4 will adopt the same arrangement. On top of that, van Meel’s remarks lend some reliability to assumptions made regarding what M cars may be built in the future.

There are reports circulating that the BMW M2 might soon boast a powerful 475 horsepower engine – surpassing the currently wielded 473 hp of the base M3. Such a step forward would not have been financially wise if the original M3 stayed in production, however, now that it is no more, the M2 has space to increase power and hence fetch a loftier cost on the market both for itself and its successor.

Rumors of a M3 CS Touring have recently been circulating. It is expected that the regular M3 CS sedan, which produces 543 hp, will be mirrored in the wagon edition. Carbon fiber trimmings and distinct elements suggest this car should provide an even more thrilling drive experience, although it is uncertain who will get to confirm this theory.

The M3 Touring remains elusive to the American market due to the substantial costs of homologating this particular body type, though there does seem to be a nice consolation prize coming from Munich: an M5 wagon. This makes us wonder if BMW has truly taken into account the opportunity they have in adapting the M3 into a station wagon; still, we are grateful for what they can provide us.

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