Nissan Hyper Punk – An Edgy SUV For Influencers

Debut at Japan Show, Coming to Fortnite

Nissan will be showcasing an impressive array of sensational ideas at the upcoming 2023 Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. Among them is this ultra-angular and compact crossover with 23-inch wheels and a bewildering multitude of facets. Bearing a remarkably origami-inspired shape, the headlamps and tail lamps have been artistically merged into the body’s exterior.

The interior of the Hyper Punk is as innovative as it gets, as it forgoes traditional switchgear and instead relies solely on a few touch keys on the angular steering “wheel.” Nissan describes the interior as a “mobile creative studio” and it certainly lives up to the name with its origami-inspired elements. Whoever is lucky enough to be inside the Hyper Punk will feel like an influencer or content creator, as the car is tailored to their needs.

So, to that end, Nissan have installed on-board cameras which are able to register the vehicle’s surroundings. Through the use of AI, these images are transformed into an abstract style before they’re displayed upon the dashboard’s three LCD screens; one tall in between two smaller flatscreens. Furthermore, this intelligence is in tandem with certain biosensors fixed in the headrests, so it can sense the driver’s sentiments and promptly modify the lighting and soundscape to improve their mood.

No technical details have been revealed, as expected for such a daring concept which has virtually no possibility of being manufactured. On October 25, the electric crossover will be officially unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show and become available inside Fortnite. Until then, the previously released Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Tourer concepts are being shown in 3D form on a billboard located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

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