Rimac Neveras Arrive in US

Two Blue Sports Cars Enter Elite Club

Rimac has delivered two additional Nevera hypercars to the United States, each featuring stunning blue shades. The first one with its Blue pearlescent finish and light blue leather upholstery combined with a dark blue inside is being added to the Triple F Collection, while the second one in stunning Stratos Blue with Stage 2 carbon shiny tinted Cyan over white leather with yellow stitching will form part of the Ash Crest Collection.

At a private gathering, Mate Rimac personally presented the vehicles to their respective owners, providing an extra-special touch for those who spent $2.4 million on this record-breaking hypercar. These two recently delivered models constitute the third and fourth in the US, in addition to the initial US automobile shipped earlier this month – a sleek black one – as well as the previously disclosed US-spec model boasting an extraordinary internal design.

On June 17th, Rimac of Naples, Florida delivered the cars that would be presented the following day at “The Event III,” a charitable supercar show hosted by The Triple F Collection. This event has been a great success, raising over a hundred thousand dollars for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

“It is an honour for the Rimac Group to have its cars in the collections of serious automotive aficionados,” says Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of the company. “The Ash Crest Collection and Triple F Collection are composed of some of the most sought-after and respected performance vehicles in the present day, so it is a great endorsement of all the hard work that has gone into creating and refining our cars that they are being included in these collections. The US market has been essential to Nevera’s growth and success, and we are delighted that it is being recognised in this way.”

These two assemblages must feel highly privileged to gain possession of such immensely esteemed vehicles previous to the majority of other people. Particularly, the Ash Crest Collection, which in 2020 dispersed a sizable portion of its collection in order to generate wealth for local businesses that were suffering due to the pandemic. Reviving it since that time likely feels like being a kid in an unbelievably costly and mesmerizing sweet store.

Undeniably, Mate Rimac is one of the foremost figures in the motor world at present – and this demonstrates his immense dedication to the 1,914-horsepower electric supercar, as he himself brings it to its rightful owners! His personal touch is a mark of the care taken in creating such a remarkable vehicle.

For the less affluent, there is still an opportunity to acquire a Rimac Nevera; however, we can only presume that there will not be any direct hand-offs from the chief executive himself.

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