Race E30 M3 with S2000 Engine at Nurburgring

1993 BMW E30 M3: F20C Engine.

Following the successful Nurburgring run with a V10-run BMW E46 M3, YouTuber Misha Charoudin has returned to the fold, this time with an original E30 M3. Although it appears like any other E30 on the roads, this vehicle has been juiced up with the F20C motor from a Honda S2000.

Despite having fewer pistons than the monstrous V10, the performance was still thrilling. After all, the internal combustion engine has the capacity to reach a dizzying nine thousand RPM, one of the top-most rates available in the automotive industry. Moreover, this configuration offers well-balanced weight distribution, with the powertrain shifted around eleven point eight inches to the back of the vehicle.

PERFECTION: 9000RPM BMW E30 M3! F20C Honda S2000 Swap !! // Nürburgring

Owner Tomasz Chmielewski explains that the S2000 motor furnishes initial results of approximately 240 horsepower. Yet, we have become aware that intensity is not always contingent on the number of horses, with mass having an essential role. The vehicle stands at around 2,094 lbs, signifying a sensational power-to-weight ratio.

A set of Michelin Sport 4 rubber adorns the BBS rims that are on the auto. Within, Sparco bucket chairs can be witnessed along with Sparco harnesses secured to the roll cage, and a six-speed manual that has a Honda gearshift knob. Of course, you can see the Honda S2000 tachometer array situated at the back of the OMP steering wheel.

The thrilling F20C-powered M3 was put to the test in a action-packed shakedown video set at the famed Nurburgring. The balanced weight distribution of the vehicle was reported to guarantee smooth and predictable turning on the German circuit. The highest recorded speed was an impressive 156 mph.

At finale of recording, Charoudin urged to go for higher quality breaks for the purpose of having more trust while braking late with a goal to augment circuit times.

Suppose that these modifications entirely heightened the capability of the build, speculate what an E46 equipped with an S2000 engine could do with modifications on both ends. Taking into account one idea for a build, you can glance at Formula Drift Professional racer Faruk Kugay’s 1985 BMW 318i, which maximises the potential of the F20C for drifting.

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