Toyota AE86 Needs Honda Power Boost

A Stunning Honda Build With an Iconic Engine

The venerated Corolla AE86 has been looked upon as an ideal vehicle for the ones genuinely into driving. Sadly, it does require a heightened level of energy and a Honda engine is exactly what’s necessary for overcoming this weakness.

Phil Morrison, proprietor of the UK based Driftworks, possesses the AE86 illustrated below and it is driven by a Honda F20C engine – the motor from the S2000 and one of the most capable engines produced. This obtained from an unfortunate incident involving a S2000 and a hedge; however, a new opportunity was presented by such misfortune and this conversion was previously performed successfully to considerable praise. For Phil’s vehicle, RS Fabrication manifolds were fitted to the Honda motor which now creates 247 horsepower at the flywheel according to inspection results on a dynamometer.

My new S2000 Powered AE86 Track Car - F20c Swapped Levin

Regarding interior alterations, the former assemblage featured two Bride seats and Drift Works fastenings, yet will shortly be supplanted by Sparco Pro 2000 chairs centering on accomplishing an ideally suited driving position for a tall person. An additional T45 TIG-welded cage is set up to ensure safety. The stock S2000 control panel has been changed and remains entirely useful, supplemented by AEM instruments and an AEM ECU, containing an adjustable speedometer and a 9,200 revolutions per minute constraint.

Visually, the car is quite impressive with its Run Free body kit (front, sides, and rear), expertly forged fat arches by Paul from Magic Arrow. It stands atop classy Work Meister wheels; which can also change to Work Equip 40s featuring a golden core and lustrous lip. Further body customization involves TRD elements, a legitimate STI RA hood scoop, and an elevated roof vent.

The vehicle’s suspension is currently fitted with Tokico HTS parts, yet there are thoughts about replacing them. Originally considered, the now unusable Driftworks CS2 package is a result of its complex front knuckle style. The outlook includes creating a custom construction with digressive CS2 shock absorbers that can provide optimal ride height, running stroke, bump stop, and adjustment of valving steering.

A capacity appraisal has uncovered a documented mass of 2,150 pounds, alongside a 56% emphasis situated on the front shaft. Strategies for progressing forward include looking at the categorization of weight, mulling over the fuel mass and excluding the operator’s weight in the computation.

It’s far from done yet, but this Toyota AE86 that runs on a Honda F20C engine should ultimately form a great track vehicle that will grant its owners many years of exhilarating track driving and experimentation. Building trust with its Honda powerplant, it is sure to be invincible. We are eagerly anticipating to witness it let loose!

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