Ram Recalls 142K Trucks: High Beam Lights Malfunctioning

2023 Ram 1500 Steering Module Glitch.

Vehicle call-backs are unquestionably of utmost importance due to protection always prevailing. Notwithstanding, several of these recollects can be more grave than others. If we’re being truthful, having one’s high beams light up as a result of taking a turn shouldn’t be considered too severe. In reality, it seems like the kind of shenanigan that the beloved James May would do in a vintage Top Gear comedy sequence to Jeremy Clarkson.

Notwithstanding, this recall isn’t a laughing matter. Ram is bringing back the hefty sum of 142,150 pickup trucks as a result of an issue causing the headlamps to stay at maximum intensity when making left or right turns. This blemish is believed to be due to a defective module within its steering column which could also hinder its turn signals from turning off inevitably. The apparent consequence for the driver being a blue indicator on the dashboard indicating that the beams are still aglow. Onlookers might be annoyed by the temporary blindness they might endure as they pass due to its bright radiance.

A big number of HD pickups are part of an issue with the 2023 and 2024 model years. These affected vehicles contain 73,739 Ram 2500s, 25,799 Ram 3500s, and 142 Ram 3500 cab chassis trucks. And to boot, there are 13,433 large Ram 4500 / 5500 pickups linked to this matter. Additionally, a chunk of 23,030 Ram 1500 Classics from the 2023 production run are also affected by the recall.

The solution is relatively easy. Dealers will examine the truck and, when necessary, swap out the module. Owners should expect to be alerted of this in January; however, if you are driving a vehicle with high beams that keep blinking at people coming from the other direction, it may be an indication that something might be amiss.

Being dazzled by overly bright lights is certainly a safety hazard, and thus the recall. In recent times this has become an issue in America, due to already very luminous headlights. Adaptive lighting used abroad will yet remain unpopular in the US until it’s allowed in 2022. This could surely improve the physical discomforts experienced by drivers on nighttime drives, by removing the oppressive and powerful beams directed at both low and high levels.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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