Rare Gear-Lever Option Included with Low-Mileage Porsche Carrera GT – Only 16,000 Miles!

Insanely fast V10 hypercar has a resale value that eclipses its 16,000-mile record.

A striking 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is currently available on Hemmings. This particular model comes in GT Silver Metallic and boasts a number of coveted features, as well as having undergone expensive maintenance due to its occasional use.

Having logged 16,571 miles, this stunning vehicle equipped with a V10 engine has been taken for a spin and thoroughly enjoyed, a quality that is seldom seen among hypercars in general. Many of the Carrera GTs we’ve come across have simply gathered dust, such as one we came across a few years ago that had only 27 miles on its odometer.

Unique equipment like this demands additional maintenance and careful handling when used on a regular basis. Fortunately, the proprietor of this vehicle has spared no cost, recently investing over $80,000 for a substantial engine overhaul.

The Carrera GT’s timeless design is perfectly accentuated by the GT Silver Metallic paint (one of five original factory shades). Complementing this stunning hue are the sleek five-spoke alloy wheels, which offer a glimpse of the carbon ceramic brakes beneath.

Come into the cabin, and you will discover that the previous proprietor of the Porsche had installed XT bucket seats that are 0.59 inches wider in the hip region. These seats have been covered in sleek Dark Grey leather and accented with aluminum-style details. The overall tone is understated for a supercar, but still boasts subtle athletic elements to add some excitement. For instance, the Carrera GT Custom Tailoring option includes a carbon fiber-adorned steering wheel and gear stick. Additionally, the use of carbon fiber can also be observed on the backrests of the seats.

It is not common to come across the well-known Porsche without its distinctive beech wood gear lever knob.

In addition to its opulent leather accents, this CGT boasts a bevy of lavish features like air conditioning and the Porsche Online Pro CD audio system. For an added touch of luxury, one can also opt for floor mats and a car cover.

The impressive creation is propelled by a 5.7-liter V10 engine, generating an impressive 605 horsepower and 435 lb-ft of torque. Without any driver aids, the Carrera GT is not suitable for the faint-hearted. Only skilled drivers can handle its power and will be greatly rewarded with an exhilarating experience. The carbon fiber monocoque was meticulously designed to provide an agile and dynamic driving experience. In just 3.5 seconds, the powerful engine can launch the Carrera GT to 60 mph. Although modern cars such as the 911 Turbo S may outdo the CGT in acceleration, true enthusiasts will always choose the classic legend over newer models.

Although it would be inaccurate to label a $1,250,000 supercar as a steal, its price is lower compared to several GTs that have recently been put on the market. For instance, a yellow model was listed for almost twice the amount.

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