Rare Lotus Eleven: The Ford-Powered Unknown.

Amazing Bargain: Must-Buy Offer!

A precious, scarcely seen 1956 Lotus Eleven Sports is now provided for bidding on Bring-A-Trailer. With merely 270 having been constructed over the span of a three year manufacturing period, this model offers an exceptional look into the interesting background of Lotus – particularly when they introduced Ford as their engine provider.

Indeed, before incorporating the likes of Toyota and Mercedes-AMG into their latest offering, the Lotus Emira, a few of the iconic British sports vehicle’s traits can be traced back to some American cars. Specifically, one motor in particular that really stood out was the Coventry-Climax unit. At its outset, this four-cylinder powertrain was able to dish out 76hp when put in a Sport trim component, but this specific motorbeam had been substituted by a 1.2 liter Coventry Climax FWE – providing a marginal yet noticeable boost in overall horsepower.

Despite not having a substantial amount of power, the Lotus nonetheless maintained its renowned featherweight character–weighing just 906 pounds. The motor racing world has seen the model take seventh position in the 1956 24 Hours of Le Mans and Stirling Moss achieved a harrowing class speed record of 143 mph in the same year at Monza.

That certainly sounds interesting, however, the potential customer still needs to be aware of aspects relating to the automobile on offer. In accordance with a study conducted by acclaimed Lotus Eleven guru, Russ Hoenig, all the identifying elements such as tags and markings are valid. On the other hand, the car has not been painted in its original shade of green, and it also possesses revised front and rear suspension setups. Reports suggest that this model was featured in the September 1957 issue of ‘Road & Track’ magazine.

Several recently fitted components were arranged incorrectly, in particular its voltage controller. A few external panels are fresh, however, its hood, windshield cowling and windshield were all maintained from the original product.

A plethora of further attributes can be ascribed to the car; nonetheless, Hoenig averred it is extensively re-crafted Lotus Eleven based on an official frame. Before it could journey down roads or be steered around a circuit, it will require rehabilitation.

Notable features located on the vehicle are included Weber 40DCOE carburetors, Derrington inlet manifold, a Lucas ignition coil, Smiths 9,000 rpm speedometer, many supporting indicators, four-speed alternate transmission, drilled drum brakes (cooling) windscreen, red vinyl seating, 15-inch wire rims and more.

The sale is completely unreserved, and the existing bid is a towering $25,000 with six still days left to offer.

Referencing auctions from Gooding & Company, Bonhams, and Cars & Classic involving older Lotus Elevens, one can get hold of a fully original model for as much as $120,000. This amounts to quite a bargain if you are looking for some classic car that deserves its place on the roster of the finest vehicles ever constructed by Lotus.

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