Ratty Honda: Tesla Model S Plaid in disguise.

Owning We Don’t Mind: A Minivan

It can be accepted that minivans are seen as mundane people transporters. However, YouTube account BoostedBoiz thinks that they can spearhead a remarkable transformation of a Honda Odyssey by attaching it to a Tesla Model S Plaid frame; producing quite possibly the craziest minivan available!

You heard accurately. An Odyssey from the year 2001 has been reworked into a totally electrified minivan. Not just an EV, still, but rather one with a portion of the quickest electric motors in the entire industry. We are discussing about the Model S Plaid version, which can speed up from 0-60 mph within 1.99 seconds (with rollout taken out).

From the get-go, it was determined that the minivan would definitely be transformed into something extraordinary, though the exact result wasn’t as expected. Rather than just being another turbocharged creation, this vehicle has been upgraded from a scrapyard invest to a trusty sleeper dubbed Plaidessey.

Building The ULTIMATE SLEEPER - A Tesla Swapped Minivan!

One may query why the engineer deemed this venture a feasible option. Upon further exploration, the squad learned that the Honda Odyssey and Tesla Model S Plaid exhibit comparable wheelbases; the Honda Odyssey boasting the slight edge in length.

Certainly, there were nonetheless difficulties to overcome, which included drastic elevated discrepancies amongst the roofing and vertical supports. So as to comprehend how these two could fit together, the people invested in a destroyed Model S and Odyssey from a salvage yard.

Upon affixing the body onto the frame for the very first time, the manufacturer noticed only minimal discrepancies in spots such as the wheelhouse. Nevertheless, an expansive region was eagerly awaiting coverage near the top of the dashboard. Consequently, mounting components like tubes and brackets were secured to make sure the chassis and the shell remained stable together with the Model S base.

And, of course, the minivan features the same interior as a Model S Plaid, with its infamous yoke-style steering wheel, its dashboard display and other components.

The constructors have achieved success in running the electric runner, however, there is still some effort that needs to be put in. The headlights are not fully functional as yet and the same goes for the electric windows. Primarily though, the sliding doors are not operational – does a minivan still carry merit if its doors don’t work?

Despite the withdrawal of the Odyssey in numerous locations, the minivan still has a spot in the United States. An electrified iteration is not presently foreseeable, thereby making this intrepid endeavor potentially the sole electric Odyssey for the foreseeable future.

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