Renault Scenic E-Tech EV: First Test Spotted

Styling of 2022 Renault Scenic Vision Concept

Spied testing for the first time, the return of the Renault Scenic to the European marketplace is set to come in the form of an all-electric E-Tech iteration. Allowing us a glimpse into its forthcoming development, these spy shots give an intriguing preview.

Renault’s engineers have disguised the exterior of the Scenic E-Tech by applying a camouflage wrap and integrating blocky panels that detract from the natural shape of the car. Its nose is flowing, featuring a wide trapazoid air intake at its base. Slim headlights edge into the contours of the hood.

The overall aspect of the Scenic E-Tech is highlighted by its stubby front and rear overhangs. The inclined C-pillar adds bulk to the car’s shape, creating a fine intervention that avoids an overly cumbersome look. Enhancing the back, a wing is placed atop the rear window.

The thick concealment obscures a multitude of nuances in the back. The taillights are hardly perceptible.

The pictures don’t provide us with a sound view of the cabin.

The E-Tech’s styling shares some definite similarities to the 2022 Renault Scenic Vision concept acquired through images in the gallery, accentuated by crispier edges than what can be seen in these covert photos. As opposed to earlier Scenics models which could be classified under the MPV type, the concept looks more along the lines of a crossover vehicle.

The idea employed the 215-horsepower electric powertrain derived from the Megane E-Tech and a 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Moreover, a 16-kW hydrogen fuel cell was incorporated beneath the surface for charging the driving battery.

At the moment, Renault proclaimed that a manufacturing model of the Scenic Vision concept will be launched in 2024. Riding on the CMF-EV platform, it is presumable that the vehicle spotted in these recent clandestine photos is that one and the same thing, and its hydrogen range extender could be dropped.

Renault ceased production of the Scenic at 2022, as it was facing a sharp decline in sales. Additionally, European MPVs were losing traction, with crossovers becoming increasingly desirable.

Renault debuted the moniker Scenic, back in 1996, and it was a hit with more than 2.8 million models sold during its production cycle. Further, the firm fashioned the peculiar RX4 version featuring a lifted suspension & outer ornamentation.

Source: SH Proshots

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