Rent a Chevrolet Blazer EV: Questions Welcome!

Exploring Chevrolet’s EV in Midwestern Winter

No, you aren’t imagining things – an initial test drive of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV has been made available by InsideEVs for readers to view. However, Editor-in-Chief Patrick George – who piloted the car only last week – had a valid point included in his article: “the few hours we had with these Blazer EVs in sunny San Diego didn’t provide enough insights yet.” Clearly, it’s not feasible that anyone could gain a thorough understanding of the Blazer EV within such a short three-hour journey across Southern California.

Here I am attaining the purported actionable info. Over the following week, I will be testing out the fresh Blazer EV in an area that is notably harsh: the Midwest, during December.

We’re currently in the midst of wintertime. That implies normal frosty temperatures and more heat consumption than correspondents encountered during the cruises of the hybrid in mild Southern California. Furthermore, in the interest of research and each Ohioan’s inherent longing to travel out of state regularly, I will be piloting the Blazer on a considerable long distance journey to essentially the middle of no man’s land.

Alright, putting aside the fact that Raleigh, North Carolina could very well be labeled one of the most highly esteemed capitals in the U.S. with esteemed universities, I’m still staring down a long seven-hour 470 mile drive not counting any breaks or charging stations involved.

We shall now witness the strength and capabilities of the Blazer. Let’s see what it is truly constructed of!

Chevrolet furnished me with a Blazer EV sporting a 288-horsepower AWD and RS trim, delivering an impressive 278 miles of range. In essence, this should be enough for the Blazer to complete the journey with only one charging pause along the way.

I remain uncertain. The path to Raleigh goes through the core of Appalachia – that implies windy mountains and speedy motorways with hardly any congestion. Combined with the abated temperatures, the landscape and amplified velocity are elements that will influence range. With a not precisely remarkable measure of 278 miles, we’ll require every last bit of distance we can get, especially considering there are so few electric vehicle charging stations scattered across Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina that our course will cover.

I’ve already drove a comparable albeit succinct drive in a Lucid Air Grand Touring; it isn’t exactly an easy path. We are obtaining that reliable information, everyone!

This workweek with the Blazer EV is all about discovering what this automobile is capable of and to understand living with one. In a way, we are all acquiring knowledge collaboratively. I’ve driven numerous electric cars, even those from Chinese makes not offered in America.

It appears that Mary Barra, CEO of GM, has staked a great deal on this platform. It is expected to be the foundation upon which all future GM vehicles will be constructed as it works towards transitioning into becoming completely electric. My first drive with this Ultium-platform car must prove to be exceptional; yet, criticisms from a few initial test-driving reviews have cast uncertainties upon the effectiveness of the Ultium system, Barra herself and GM’s decision to forsake features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

So, what would you like to enquire about with regard to the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV? Feel free to ask whatever questions may interest you.

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