Rescued NSX Revamped: Snowy Death Averted, Now Shining Bright

NSX Defies Odds, Powers On to Trailer Despite Poor Condition and Storage

As the Acura NSX of the first generation is now considered a highly sought-after collector’s car, one would expect that every functioning model would be kept safe in a well-maintained, temperature-controlled garage. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality, as shown in WD Detailing’s latest video. The footage captures the process of salvaging and rejuvenating an NSX that has been abandoned in a wooded area for the past two years, and the condition is far from pleasing.

Although it may seem like a brief period, two years is enough time for the weather’s ups and downs to create conditions that promote the growth of mold in the cabin and invite creatures to settle in. With the car only partially loaded onto the trailer during removal, the team immediately detects a putrid odor emanating from inside the vehicle and catches a glimpse of a mouse emerging from beneath it before scurrying away. These are concerning indications.

WD Detailing quickly made a rather unpleasant discovery when working on a car: a huge mouse nest was lurking in the trunk section behind the engine. The stench was so overpowering that the entire team had to don respirators, and it took several hours for the garage to be ventilated. Further inspection beneath the seats revealed mold and further proof of rodent infestation. As if that wasn’t revolting enough, one of the team members also came across another mouse while power-washing the engine bay. Disgusting.

However, when it comes to tackling mold and mouse nests, the prowess of WD Detailing’s team cannot be underestimated. With their expertise in detailing, they swiftly eliminate the stubborn grime on the car’s surface and the unpleasant residue inside. In fact, they go the extra mile by carefully disassembling the seats for a comprehensive deep clean. The exterior of the car is also given a grand makeover through polishing, resulting in the revival of the once dull and scratched black paint. It is truly an astounding sight to witness the remarkable and gratifying transformation done by this team.

Abandoned Supercar: Acura NSX | First Wash in Years! | Car Detailing Restoration

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