Acura ZDX Stuns in Fresh Ad

Acura’s Inaugural EV Energizes: Unleashing the Power

As Acura continues to make strides in the electric vehicle market, it is proud to announce its latest addition to the lineup: the all-electric ZDX. This groundbreaking new vehicle marks a major milestone for the brand, as it is the first-ever battery-powered car to bear the iconic Acura badge.Acura has recently launched a fresh advertising campaign for their latest innovation, the ZDX, an all-electric model that adds to their growing lineup of electric cars. As Acura stays at the forefront of the rapidly expanding electric vehicle industry, they proudly introduce this revolutionary new vehicle as the first of its kind to don the renowned Acura emblem.

The commercial, titled “Unlock the Energy,” centers around the ZDX and the ‘Acura House of Energy.’ It follows a young driver as he embarks on a journey to experience the electric crossover. In order to do so, he must complete four lessons with his master. These lessons include “Legacy is Your Foundation,” “Energy is Nothing Without Control,” “There is Power in Silence,” and “Unlock the Energy Within.”

One of the key lessons highlighted in the advertisement is Acura’s long-standing reputation for crafting luxurious vehicles that also deliver an enjoyable driving experience. Another important aspect showcased in the commercial is the impressive power and agility of electric cars, despite their silent operation. This message is demonstrated through various action shots of the ZDX being driven with great speed and skill, accompanied by the energetic soundtrack of DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya.”

The Acura ZDX: Unlock the Energy.

The Acura Energy Key Card is a featured highlight in the video, offering an opportunity for reservation holders to access its exclusive benefits. Along with receiving discounts from Bang & Olufsen, cardholders will also attain VIP entry to prestigious occasions like the 2024 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach and the renowned Sundance Film Festival.

Participants of the film festival who are also ZDX owners will have the opportunity to witness the ‘House of Energy’ showcased in a 60-second advertisement. This commercial will be aired during the March college basketball championship tournament and will continue to be broadcasted on various social media networks, traditional TV channels, and online streaming services throughout the season.

“Amidst the launch of the all-electric Acura ZDX, now available for reservation and soon to hit the market, we are proud to showcase the immense energy that Acura will bring forth in the electrified era,” stated Meliza Humphrey, senior manager of Acura Marketing.

“As we move towards our fully electric future, our dedication to high-performance will continue to be felt behind the wheel – a force that can be unleashed with our initial electric car, the latest Acura ZDX,” stated Humphrey.

The advertisement may not feature renowned actors or evoke emotional reactions, yet it is sure to attract those looking for a sophisticated and powerful electric SUV.

Similar to the Honda Prologue, the ZDX is constructed on the advanced Ultium platform from General Motors, which also serves as the foundation for the recently released Chevrolet Blazer EV. The dynamic Type S version boasts an expected 500 horsepower, while the regular model offers a respectable 340 horses.

The standard edition of the car should have the capability to cover a distance of 325 miles on a sole recharge, while the all-wheel drive variants may shorten this range by 10 miles. The Type S editions are estimated to have a range of 288 miles, but with the addition of high-performance wheels and tires, it increases to 289 miles.

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