Unbeatable Savings: 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Slashes Prices Up to $4,000!

Upgrade in 2024 just got cheaper with new pricing!

Jeep is taking steps to combat inflation by reducing the MSRP of the Grand Cherokee, which underwent minor enhancements for the 2024 edition, in both its two-row and three-row L variants.

The Grand Cherokee Laredo has recently undergone a significant decrease in price, dropping by $2,000. Similarly, the Limited version has also received a considerable cut of $3,500 in its price. On the other hand, the higher-end models, namely the Overland and Summit trims, experienced a noteworthy reduction of $4,000 in their pricing.

As a consequence, the starting price for the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has been reduced from its previous MSRP of $40,035 to $38,035. The three-row model is now available for $40,035 instead of $42,035. This lower base price now competes with the 2024 Ford Explorer XLT and Toyota Highlander LE, which are priced at $38,670 and $39,270 respectively.

The premium Grand Cherokee Summit 4×4 is available in two-row and three-row options, with a starting price of $62,560 and $64,560 respectively. Interestingly, there have been no changes in the pricing for the Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid model.

As the cost adjustments take effect, it is likely that a larger number of customers will be tempted to explore the possibilities of owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the corporation’s top-selling vehicle in the United States. In the previous year, this model accounted for 61,723 purchases, representing an impressive 22% increase from the previous year. On the other hand, sales for the Jeep Renegade have been subpar, leading to its discontinuation after the 2023 production run.

In other areas, the Gladiator recently experienced a decrease in price, falling under $40,000 for the upcoming model year.

It should be acknowledged that there are no free services, and even though there have been significant discounts on various models lately, these have been accompanied by the discontinuation of the previous month’s 10% off deals, as reported by CarsDirect. This indicates that the cost may remain unchanged in certain regions. Nonetheless, we should not be ungrateful and any announcement of reduced prices is a reason for rejoicing.

As the electric Wagoneer S is set to debut in the autumn season, it would not be unexpected to witness an increase in discounts throughout the Jeep lineup in the upcoming months. This tactic will aid in clearing out space for the arrival of new electric vehicle models.

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