Retro-Speedometer for Your Classic Car: Game Boy Color Edition

Revamp Your Broken Handheld Console Into a Sustainable Masterpiece

An ingenious vintage game enthusiast has transformed the beloved Game Boy Color into a fully operational speedometer for his car. This idea is incredibly exciting, as it adds a unique modification that will infuse your classic vehicle with a touch of 90s nostalgia.

The Game Boy speedometer, created by James, also known as inkdretro on Instagram and a member of the Retro Future Community Facebook group, is a wonderfully simple yet intriguing modification. According to The Drive’s initial coverage, James has implemented this modification in his Ford EcoSport.

An Instagram post by James (@inkdretro)James (@inkdretro) recently shared a photo on Instagram.

According to the creator, in a recent interview with The Drive, the Game Boy speedometer is not integrated into the car but rather an independent gadget operated by a lithium polymer battery.

The onboard GPS module of the Game Boy enables it to accurately calculate speed. This feature is available in all project cars from the 1990s, including an extreme model such as a stripped-down go-kart based on a 1998 Chevrolet Corvette. The creator also suggested that it is possible to create a more permanent version connected to a vehicle’s OBD port.

On the other hand, the functionality of the Game Boy gauge is quite limited. Despite its ability to provide fairly precise speed readings, it only has the basic feature of detecting when the car is not in motion. James acknowledged that an OBD version would be more beneficial as it can also exhibit a range of information related to the vehicle.

James, also known as @inkdretro on social media, has a passion for vintage and retro items. He enjoys collecting and showcasing unique pieces that take him back in time, giving his followers a glimpse of the past through his posts.On his profile, James shares various photos of his antique finds, from vinyl records to old typewriters and everything in between. Each piece holds a special story that adds to the charm of its nostalgic appeal. As a self-proclaimed history buff, James takes great care in preserving these treasures and sharing their significance with his audience.Although his love for vintage items is evident, James also adds a modern touch to his collection with his own hand-crafted designs inspired by the past. He repurposes old materials and transforms them into one-of-a-kind pieces that have a retro look and feel. His creativity and attention to detail make each item a must-have for any collector or lover of all things retro.In addition to his passion for antiques, James is also a skilled photographer. He uses his talent to capture the essence of each item, further enhancing its beauty and making it hard for viewers to resist adding it to their own collections.Through his account, James has created a community of individuals who share a similar appreciation for vintage

Numerous aftermarket digital displays outperform this creation. Additionally, there is regretfully the requirement to relinquish a Game Boy color. To prevent causing dismay among traditional gamers, it is wise to utilize an irreparable one. For certain avid technophiles, dismantling a fully functional vintage portable gaming system is as agonizing as installing an unsightly body modification on the original Lamborghini Countach.

Even now, the Game Boy speedometer remains a fitting addition to select project vehicles. Just like avid gamers, plenty of car lovers are captivated by such sentimental trinkets. Additionally, there is an overlap as numerous individuals who grew up in the ’90s now have disposable income to invest in the cars they once adored.

Inkdretro impresses us with his innovation once again, earning double points for his past venture in which he transformed a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller into a key for his Ford.

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