Suzuki Mighty Boy Revamped with V8 Engine.

New Mighty Boy Packs Revamped Design & Power Surprise

The first iteration of the Suzuki Mighty Boy may be a peculiar favorite among JDM aficionados on account of its ultra-small measurements and insignificant 30-horsepower motor. Yet, this freshly created HotCars visualize pulled out all the stops to portray an alternate form of the Boy – a miniature pickup focused on exhibiting its abilities on the drag race.

Thanks to a custom body kit and daring new accents, it transitions from exquisite to potent. But this is not mere show; the Suzuki Mighty Boy packs a noteworthy feature – a 6.2-liter, supercharged Dodge V8, more famously referred to as the Hellcat engine. View the video for an all-round glance of the Mighty Boy and come to appreciate the abundant cabin, refined with an invigoration from Bugatti.

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