Revamped Ski Racks for 300SL Roadster Likely in Response to Popularity – Mercedes’ Answer to High Demand

Vintage charm for a luxury getaway: Experience the legacy with our retro rack.

Travel back in time several years, and you may have witnessed a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster braving the snow with two passengers on board, making their way to a delightful weekend at the ski resort. As a compact vehicle with a convertible top, transporting skis required utilizing a clever rack mounted on the rear of the car, specially designed for this sports car.

Fast forward to the year 2024, when owners of the 300SL Roadster can once again embark on a luxurious ski trip in the snowy mountains. Mercedes-Benz has reintroduced their vintage ski racks and shared the exciting news on Instagram, revealing that it will make its public debut at Retromobile 2024 in Paris. The highly-anticipated car show began today and, based on the updates from the Mercedes-Benz Museum page, the shiny chrome rack still exudes the same appeal it did back in the late 1950s.

Naturally, things have evolved since that time. While it is certainly possible to maneuver a 60-year-old Mercedes through the snow, we highly doubt anyone would actually attempt such a feat with their vehicle. The luxurious Roadster model is now valued at a whopping million dollars, and some even reach prices of two million. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean one can’t appreciate the fond memories associated with it. In fact, one could easily install it in July, attach ski equipment, and leisurely glide along the French Riviera. We wouldn’t hesitate to partake in such an adventure, all while wearing a constant grin.

Apart from the previously mentioned Instagram post, we have been unable to uncover any details about the rack, except for its availability at Mercedes-Benz Classic Centers for purchase. Despite searching through the websites of both US and European markets, we did not come across any listings. However, we have reached out to Mercedes directly and are currently awaiting information on the pricing. Once we receive this information, we will provide further updates. As the potential buyers for these racks are likely to have already heavily invested in their vehicles, the price may not be a major factor for consideration.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum / Instagram

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