Genesis X Snow Edition Comes with Custom Paint and Ski Storage System

Hit the Slopes: The Ideal Car for Your Ski Vacation!

Genesis has unveiled new visuals of its newest design, the impressive X Snow Speedium sports coupe. This model is developed from the stunning X Speedium Coupe that was first introduced back in 2022, but stands out with various unique characteristics.

According to Genesis, the X Snow Speedium is a representation of “the future of the Genesis design identity,” much like the vehicle it is built upon. This winter-inspired concept boasts a sleek Matterhorn White finish that seamlessly blends into the snowy landscape of any top ski destination.

The rooftop of this location boasts a one-of-a-kind ski holder created by Anavon Ski AG, a reputable Swiss company that specializes in crafting exquisite skiing gear. Should the X Snow Speedium come into fruition, it could potentially be an ideal electric vehicle for affluent individuals to utilize in popular skiing destinations such as Verbier or Vail.

During the holiday season, Genesis unveiled a video featuring the X Snow Speedium in its natural habitat. The ski rack, typically used for skis, was instead adorned with a massive Christmas tree, as a man bearing a striking resemblance to Santa Claus zoomed through the snow at an impressive pace. Following closely behind him were his now unnecessary reindeer, thanks to the impressive electric motors of the Genesis. The caption humorously stated, “‘Tis the season Rudolph gets a well-deserved rest.”

The design of the X Snow Speedium from Genesis is undeniably stunning, however it would have been appreciated if some modifications were incorporated to set it apart from other ordinary cars. One suggestion could have been to infuse elements from the X Gran Berlinetta VGT supercar concept, giving the latest model a revamped and luxurious appearance.

Several months following the launch of the coupe model, Genesis introduced its stunning convertible concept, which manages to outshine even its hard-top counterpart in terms of attractiveness. While the specifics of the powertrain have yet to be disclosed by the luxury car manufacturer, it is safe to assume that a flagship vehicle such as this will boast exceptional performance. There have been speculations that the exquisite X Speedium will be put into production, but there has been no official announcement to confirm this as of now.

We are aware that the vehicle would feature an exquisite interior with numerous high-end elements. Genesis has implemented environmentally sustainable methods for the interior detailing, including eco-friendly leather production that minimizes the use of natural resources.

For now, we can only anticipate that the design of Genesis vehicles such as the G70, G80, and G90 will be refreshed with influence from the X Speedium Coupe.

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