Revived Classic Le Mans Racer Transformed into Custom Supercar by Zagato

What might it be?

Attention all fans of exclusive custom cars, listen up: Zagato has recently revealed a tantalizing sneak peek of their latest grand touring vehicle, the AGTZ Twin Tail, which is set to make its debut in just over seven days. In addition to providing a glimpse of its sleek and sophisticated appearance through a blurry image, the renowned Italian design firm claims that this new addition to their lineup draws inspiration from the world of Le Mans racing.

“Given a striking second chance, this car has the potential to fulfill its true capabilities,” remarks Zagato, indicating that this is a revival of a forgotten racing vehicle that fell short at Le Mans. The annals of motorsport are littered with disappointments, unfulfilled aspirations, and obscure racing cars that aspired to challenge the dominant forces but ultimately fell short.

What other information do we possess? Zagato characterizes the AGTZ Twin Tail as a single vehicle with dual identities. This interpretation can have multiple implications.

The “two souls” reference may suggest an electrified powertrain, indicating a potent combustion engine with added electrification for increased strength. Naturally, Zagato might follow in the footsteps of Alfa Romeo’s approach with the latest 33 Stradale and provide the option of an all-electric drivetrain or a conventional V6 engine.

A potential scenario (though not as probable) is that the AGTZ Twin Tail combines elements from two iconic race cars. It’s plausible that Zagato incorporated design features from two distinct vehicles to fashion something exclusive, modern, and nostalgically retro. Regardless of the explanation, we anticipate a stunning automobile. With an impressive past portfolio, Zagato has crafted some of the most exquisite vehicles in existence – just take a look at the images below showcasing some of Zagato’s previous masterpieces.

The model name’s “Twin Tail” portion indicates a strikingly designed rear fascia, potentially featuring a longtail-style rear or prominent and symmetrical design elements.

Despite the limited information available, it has been confirmed that Zagato will be responsible for both designing and manufacturing the AGTZ Twin Tail. For those interested in owning one of these extraordinary vehicles, a visit to La Squadra, a luxury car dealership located in Poland, is necessary. The esteemed Polish establishment is partnering with Zagato on this venture. However, it’s worth noting that La Squadra is not just your typical car dealer with multiple brands under their belt. In fact, they serve as an authorized distributor for high-end brands such as Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Alpine, and Ferrari.

Could it be that the inspiration for the AGTZ Twin Tail comes from one of these luxury car brands? It is safe to eliminate Koenigsegg, Bugatti, and Pagani as potential options due to their limited availability and high cost of rebodying. It should be noted that Bugatti offers a wide range of customization choices for Chiron Pur Sport owners. Another possible source of influence could be the Alpine A110 or the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Mark your calendars for February 21 as Zagato prepares to unveil its newest masterpiece. Until then, speculation and rumors will run rampant. Share your thoughts in the comments section about what this coveted creation could possibly be.

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