Reviving a Bugeye Subaru WRX: 7 Years Dormant in a Barn.

Revived and Ready: Rejuvenating a Neglected Yellow Subaru for Off-Road Adventures

Not every barn discovery is a valuable, rare vehicle worth a fortune. Neglected automobiles can vary greatly in their make and model. The specific case of this bright yellow Subaru WRX that remained hidden in a barn for seven years serves as evidence that even ordinary cars beloved by enthusiasts can be unintentionally discarded and overlooked.

Luckily, the kind people at WD Detailing have stepped in to help. In their most recent video on YouTube, we witness their efforts to rescue a neglected bugeye Impreza and provide it with a thorough detailing, both inside and out. After years of being neglected, this car is in dire need of assistance, as evidenced by the layers of grime and abundance of mouse droppings that are enough to make anyone recoil in disgust.

Although WD Detailing discovered several mouse nests inside the cabin, the largest one was found under the windshield cowl. This nest was significant in size, obstructing the water drainage passages and emitting a foul odor throughout the entire shop. Fortunately, the stench did not transfer over the video.

The group even takes the extra initiative to coat the wheels with a layer of plasti-dip and swap out the battery, in order to restore the car’s appearance and functionality. In what may be considered the most shocking scene of the footage, a live mouse unexpectedly emerges from the exhaust pipe as the car ignites for the initial time. Fortunately, the team promptly removes the tiny creature, allowing it to survive and continue its life.

The proprietor of the WRX, Sam, expresses sincere gratitude towards the services provided by WD Detailing. However, rather than tucking the vehicle away in his barn, he embraces the responsibility of a genuine Subaru owner: taking the car for a spin around his vast 400-acre land and getting it covered in dirt. This behavior depicts his unwavering passion and dedication as an enthusiast.

First Wash in 7 Years: Subaru WRX Bugeye ABANDONED in Barn! | Car Detailing Restoration

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