Reviving the Pontiac Catalina 2+2 with a Hyper-Screen

Restomod Concept: Just as Wild as GTO’s Brother

The classic 1964 Pontiac GTO was the original muscle motor vehicle, and its much more massive brother was named after a European term – the Catalina 2+2. This full-sized coupe boasted an exceptionally sporty look.

By 1965, the Catalina had been completely redesigned, offering a muscular 2+2 variant equipped with a powerful engine, improved suspension, and enhanced styling.

The Pontiac Catalina 2+2 was a relatively short-lived muscle car, active only in the years up to 1967. Unfortunately, it did not manage to draw in the public, which instead opted for the somewhat smaller and lighter Pontiac GTO. Still, one cannot ignore how attractive its long, velvety lines appear to be.

An overhaul such as this from HotCars creator Timothy Adry Emmanuel gives a grandiose vintage car an update for the year 2023, cramming in an abundance of modern details and design tweaks. What we’re left with is a distinguished titan that would leave the Pontiac GTO in its dust – if it weren’t so debonair.

Timothy gives the classic car a coating of cherry red, and it has a low setup with a broad body which gives it a wide road track.

The Pontiac Catalina 2+2 is unquestionably recognizable because of its hooded, dual-lamp headlamps, now LEDs, with a grille that remains. A newly added carbon fiber lower bumper and splitter decorate the bottom.

The distinctive, familiar look of the pointed nose is replaced by a vast hood scoop, alluding to a powerful motor beneath. While this is not an engine made by General Motors, there’s no shortage of possibilities; the Dodge Hellcat engine, for instance, in its baseline 707-hp form would surely be suitable. Completing the ensemble are carbon fiber wheels and broad tires, alongside chrome rocker panels and incorporated side exhausts.

These adornments accompany air ducts at the rear of each axle – not entirely by luck. To identify a ’65 2+2, characteristic false grille coverings on its fenders are a dead giveaway. Plus, the distinctive chrome strip along the side returns. LEDs can also be spied along the backside, taking full advantage of the traditional car’s original schematics but with the addition of an imposing diffuser.

This stately classic car stretches low and wide, possessing a roofline that is sure to garner attention. Its subtle fins in the back hint at the extended, swept fastback lines for which it is renowned, confirming its certification with the fitting registry plate of “Golly”.

An additional factor that would catch the eye and make it a more satisfactory transport to journey in is a revamped carbon interiors, improved with a new digital screen setup, like Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen. By incorporating both a digital instrument panel and multimedia system, travelers will stay connected while commuting.

Beneath the sheetmetal of this 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 lies an upgraded big block V8 engine – the 421-CI. If you opted for the Tri-Power (three jam-packed two barrel carburetors) setup, your car could produce an amazing 376 horses of power. In order to give your 2+2 a luxurious revamp, both inside and out, and to add and customize tech features, the cost would be tremendous.

The cost of the 2+2 surprisingly reasonable considering only 28,000 were ever manufactured, of which about 11,519 were from the 1965 model year – that year being the septet’s best.

Hagerty suggests that if one were to purchase a ‘decent’ 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 at auction, they would need to shell out as much as $31,000. However, if the car happens to be in ‘concours condition’, it will undoubtedly cost more – the estimated price tag being around $76,000.

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