RevoZport Investing $2M On 2024 EV Body Kits

Producing Kits for Diverse EVs

RevoZport, a tuner headquartered in Hong Kong, has just shown off some glimpses of body kits they intend to fashion for an assortment of high-end electric motors.

The firm has committed two million dollars towards engineering brand-new aerodynamic components for EVs such as the Lotus Eletre, BMW iX, and various Tesla models. RevoZport intends to have 13 kits entirely finished by the end of 2023 and looks to introduce an additional 20-30 aero-kits for unspecified vehicles during 2024.

Several accompanying visuals provide us with a factual concept of what is expected. We are so far encouraged by our initial glimpses. The R-Zentric Eletre R appears to be one of the most eye-catching electric SUVs on the market. The model featured in the picture below gains an added element of intensity through carbon fiber bumpers at the front and rear, side skirts, and a cool lip spoiler. Notwithstanding, the presence of canards is not really necessary.

BMW’s specification of electric vehicles has not been forgotten, with RevoZport devising kits for the iX, the iX3 and the iX1. In a similar fashion to Lotus models, these German models acquire carbon fiber additions for a more dynamic and intimidating appearance. The iX1 and iX3 appear very attractive, although unfortunately they are not offered in the US as of yet. On the other hand, the iX seems excessive, perhaps due to its striking front aspect.

These are just images, so the parts may appear to be more impressive in actuality. RevoZport has something special awaiting Tesla customers with their sporty accessories for the Model S, X, and Y. Notably, the Model S Plaid depiction gives off a racing car spirit, brought about by the glistening rear wing, carbon fiber frontal splitter, and side skirts. The SUVs also have a strong showing, but it’s the Model S Plaid that most inflames our imaginations.

It’s noteworthy that already multiple aftermarket tuners have released kits for Tesla vehicles, thus RevoZport does not possess a monopoly.

One might wonder why RevoZport is putting so much cash into the equation. To cater to the continually evolving Chinese market, their high-end electric vehicles remain a favourite. Certainly, electric vehicle registrations in China have seen an impressive increase and thus they expect an approximated 30% rise in sales.

“Investing in the Chinese EV market is a strategic decision on our part,” declared a company spokesperson. “We want to capitalize on the increasing popularity and demand for electric vehicles in the country. To this end, we are manufacturing customized aerokit stylings for these popular EV brands, so as to provide consumers with unique, high-quality products that boost both aesthetics and performance.”

Incorporating adrenaline into electric vehicles is certainly gripping; nonetheless, if these sets are planned with aero-dynamics at the forefront, it can lead to an even greater range and decrease in energy expenditure overall.

RevoZport has plans to come up with kits for two of the hottest Chinese-made electric rides, depicted above: the LiAuto L9 and Xpeng P7. These have been wildly successful in their native land and by offering these unique enhancements, these vehicles will become even more desirable. Additionally, RevoZport also intends to create sets for the Lucid Air.

Apart from elecrtic cars, the tuners have plans for a kit for the all-new Honda Civic Type R, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Ferrari Purosangue. This Italian SUV, labeled as the Rivitalizzare (Revitalization in English), benefits from multiple carbon fiber extras, like a rear wing. It wouldn’t be the first tuning company to show interest in the automobile Purosangue.

It is yet to be determined whether such kits will be offered in America, yet we assume several electric vehicle owners would be eager to liven up their cars. Established for more than two decades, RevoZport has created distinctive modifications for high-end autos and denotes excellent craftsmanship.

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