Richard Mille’s $335K Le Mans Classic Timepiece

Limited Edition Le Mans 100th Anniv. Cars: Only 150!

The luxurious Swiss watch brand, Richard Mille, has unveiled an incredibly special timepiece in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Le Mans. Dubbed the RM 72-01 Le Mans Classic, it takes its name from the biennial vintage car race that calls for contenders to compete with timeless cars such as the iconic 1938 BMW 328.

This latest Richard Mille piece is formed upon the RM 72-01, but with a varied coloration design. The Le Mans Classic edition contains a Quartz TPT housing built from 600 tiers of silicon strands decorated with green and white hues. Correlated with the primary watch, this one also features an automatic bidirectional winding skeletonized movement.

As opposed to the McLaren Speedtail-influenced RM 50-03, the RM 72-01 is much more intricate. It includes a flyback chronograph, generally a timepiece embedded in the watch’s face and noticeable via the translucent sapphire-glass casing.

The RM 72-01 Le Mans Classic employs a titanium bottom plate. Grade 5 titanium is an extraordinary alloy which is renown for its bio-compatibility, tremendous resistance to corrosion, and impressive solidity. It has become a popular option in the aerospace, aeronautics, and automotive businesses.

Prominent characteristics consist of a 50-hour energy supply, a date window, impact security, and the organization’s distinguished oscillating pegs which generate the above stopwatch. Accommodated by sizes of 1.51 by 1.86 by 0.45 inches.

In honor of the legendary race, a distinctive red hue is used to emphasize the 16 mark on the timepiece, providing an enticing ‘discovery’ for eagle-eyed aficionados of Le Mans.

The RM 72-01 Le Mans Classic is confined to one hundred fifty specimens. Still, they don’t come cheaply – each watch is valued at an astonishing $335,000. Quite a demand, particularly when taking into account that a pristine Bentley Continental GT Mulliner is somewhat more economical, carrying a retail price of $306,600.

Richard Mille enjoys a lengthy affiliation to the motoring field. In addition to McLaren, it has numerous other automobile manufacturers in its sphere of influence, for instance, Ferrari. Remarkably, the celebrated Ferrari Formula 1 racer Charles Leclerc owns a Richard Mille watch personalized in his name yet sadly it was taken off his arm while he was in Italy.

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