Rocket Bunny’s Satin Black Porsche Cayman

This Looks Even Better Widened

Over the years, many visions of a widebody Porsche Cayman have come about, however this RDB LA-manufactured one may be the sleekest so far possibly due to its covert black paint that conceals all the rivets. The Los Angeles based customisers took it upon themselves to construct a diminutive, extended variant out of a 2006 Porsche Cayman S & the result is truly attractive in spite of the dunce-like wheels.

Many might not associate the term ‘chic’ with the matte black finish, yet this build has a classy outcome. The tuner, that brought us the primary modified Rolls-Royce Spectre in America, commented that the consumer explicitly expressed interest for Rocket Bunny kits for their performance machine, which is fantastic. If they were aiming to have RWB style the car, they would have had to get the institute’s originator out to complete the conversion.

Widebody Porsche Cayman, BURNT LAMBORGHINI SVJ.

The exterior’s lustrous ebony finish covers the modified lip, bumpers, wheel wells, and ducktail spoiler, with the last-mentioned having a particularly attractive appearance.

Whereas air suspension is frequently found in cars with a low ride height, RDB LA does not favour employing it. They assert that they experimented with air suspension on a Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan for the SEMA show but to no avail. Compressor, bag, and line issues occur fairly frequently, and attempting to fix them is particularly problematic which enhanced fenders.

Since then, the tuner has chosen to employ static suspension, with potential harm to the frame but providing greater dependability. Coupled with those huge wheels, speedbumps won’t be a challenge to tackle.

It appears that RDB LA has left the engine bay untouched on this customized Porsche Cayman – it is stated to possess a 295 horsepower power output, appearing remarkably similar to the factory figure for the 3.4-liter, naturally aspirated flat-six motor. There was no reference to the transmission within the clip; however, this mid-engine sports car could theoretically feature either the standard six-speed manual or the staggering five-speed Triptronic automatic gearbox, as per original manufacturer standards.

Regardless, it does not make much of a difference all in all, as this car will in all likelihood never get up to extremely fast speeds or even be used around the track. Instead, it will mainly be operated across towns at a rate of 5 miles per hour. Even with that being the case, the owner still shattered a radiator right before it accomplished its inaugural mile. That is the cost that one has to be willing to pay to get an attractive design, yet for some people that price is worth it.

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