Rumors Confirmed: All 10 Lamborghini Huracan STJ Supercars Sold in Record Time

Possible options: 1. Huracan’s Goodbye: Limited 10-Unit Edition Rumored for April Release 2. Special Edition Huracan Farewell with Only 10 Units Alleg

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed the news that CarBuzz uncovered a thrilling new Lamborghini naming convention this week – the Huracan STJ. And now, even more details are emerging, thanks to discussions on the Lamborghini-Talk forum. One user shared our exclusive scoop, prompting another to reveal that they had spoken to their dealer and received confirmation that the Huracan STJ is indeed a legitimate vehicle that will be unveiled in the near future. However, it seems that this car is already in high demand as it has reportedly been sold out.

Next, another individual known as Lamborghini8888 shared a significant amount of details, revealing that there would only be 10 units produced and each region would receive just one unit. According to this user, a few collectors were contacted during the months of December and January, and it seems they all accepted the offer.

Lamborghini has chosen to remain silent on the matter, as have other manufacturers whose limited edition models are threatened by this possible development. However, drawing from previous instances, it appears probable that our forecasts are accurate and that the Huracan STO will be joined by another formidable sibling.

One common trend for Lamborghini is their commitment to continuously releasing special editions within their model line. Another noteworthy aspect is the impressive releases of models such as the STO, Tecnica, and Sterrato. However, it seemed unfitting for Sant’Agata to conclude the Huracan journey with an off-road vehicle. It would be similar to Porsche unveiling the 911 GT2 RS before launching the Dakar version.

The history of Lamborghini itself serves as evidence for this theory. Following the introduction of the Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale, the Gallardo Squadra Corse was unveiled. The Gallardo STS was a limited edition of 150 units, derived from the Super Trofeo racecar. On the other hand, the Gallardo SC shared similar features but was much more exclusive, with only a third of the production numbers compared to the STS. As a continuation of this trend, the Huracan STO draws inspiration from the Super Trofeo EVO race car…

Can you grasp the direction in which we are heading?

If all the theories and assumptions turn out to be accurate, the Huracan STJ would truly be an extraordinary, incredibly limited, and extravagantly expensive special edition that only a select handful of collectors will have the privilege of owning. We can’t help but continuously use the term ‘exclusive’ because anyone who is able to afford such a rare Lamborghini, comparable to a Bugatti Centodieci, will most likely not be driving it frequently. Instead, each car will be stored in a temperature-controlled garage and occasionally taken out for public display at events with other perfectly maintained vehicles.

On another note, the ideal moment for the unveiling of the Huracan STJ has been officially announced by Sant’Agata.

The Lamborghini Arena is an upcoming event set to dominate the Imola Circuit in Italy during the weekend of April 6 and 7. Anticipated to showcase a track-only vehicle, this exhibition holds great significance with the letter J, as well as other exclusive Lamborghinis, making the renowned Imola track an ideal location.

It is also our assumption that the upcoming Urus PHEV will be unveiled simultaneously. We anticipate receiving formal confirmation within the next few weeks.

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