Santa’s Gift: BMW M5 Touring Wagon

Festive Wrapping Replaces Camouflage

Now, everybody is excited about the long-awaited wagon variant of the M5.As the Yuletide is rapidly approaching, BMW M has utilized Instagram to give a sneak peek of the new M5 Touring positioned right by the Christmas tree. The supercharged estate vehicle previously seen testing at the Nürburgring has now been covered up with present wrapping paper and an impressive golden ribbon on its extended rooftop. Moreover, a spirited video will be released today on YouTube, stimulating enthusiasts all around to anticipate the much awaited colourful estate version of the M5.

The BMW M5 Touring is one of the least prevalent models the M section has ever put together. The E34 was constructed in a mere 891 units, compared to the E61 having been confined up to 1,025 units. Bothowed were indeed uncommon considering the former arrived during a time when sporting estate cars were scarce and the latter featured a V10 engine infused with Formula 1 genes. Despite not being nearly as restricted, the G99 will still be an intriguing car given it expresses a V8 estate vehicle in an era of diminishing and SUVs.

It remains to be seen if next year’s M5 Touring will make it to the United States, however many sources are confident that this model is likely to be released here. This only furthers our anticipation for an M3 Touring, which unfortunately never came into production. BMW M is presumably aiming to draw in potential customers who would be eager to purchase the Audi RS6 Avant or Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate instead.

The M5 Saloon (G90) and its estate offshoot will be the only 5 Series cars to retain a V8 engine, as there are no plans to bring back the M550i. BMW M are fitting a twin-turbo 4.4L motor beneath the hood; which won’t be solo, as it will combine forces with an electric motor. This plug-in hybrid setup is anticipated to generate over 700 bhp in total; higher than the conventional XM’s but not quite as powerful as the mighty XM Label model.

Considering BMW has not yet disclosed the everyday 5 Series Touring, it is improbable that the sweltering M bizarre will present itself soon. The customary estate vehicle should be released first one of 2024, coincident with the utterly electrified i5 (together with the i5 M60) whilst the M5 Touring will make its public appearance at a subsequent stage in the year.

Be ready to part with a significant sum as the quick estate is likely to cost more than $100,000. The 2023 edition of the prior-style M5 Sedan started at $107,900 and this latest design will likely be priced higher. Estates generally are usually pricier than their corresponding sedans, yet the M5 Touring should still amount to less than the $159,000 tagged on for an XM. An XM marker will start at around $185,000.

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