Secondhand Tesla Cybertruck Being Sold by Porsche Dealer for $290K

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In an effort to deter Cybertruck owners from reselling their electric vehicles, Tesla has been met with a Porsche dealership in South Orlando that has procured one.Despite Tesla’s endeavors to impede Cybertruck proprietors from flipping their electronic trucks, a Porsche vendor in South Orlando has acquired theirs.

The Foundation Series, with a mere 77 miles on its odometer, caused quite a stir when it fetched an outrageous $289,999 during its sale. According to reports, the vehicle was bought through the online auction platform Manheim, where it was snagged for an astounding $244,000 – more than double its original retail price as a limited edition model.

The Manheim marketplace recently featured the Cybertruck, a highly sought-after Tesla model, courtesy of According to the company’s CEO John Clay Wolfe, they had reached out to numerous individuals in hopes of purchasing this coveted vehicle. However, all 30 owners declined their offers, citing concerns over Tesla’s steep $50,000 penalty for resale.

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“We continued to increase our offer until we ultimately secured one,” stated Wolfe. The car was originally bought for $210,000, resulting in a neat profit of $34,000 for the company.

According to the terms of the Cybertruck sales contract, individuals who choose to sell their vehicle will face a penalty of $50,000 or “the amount received as compensation for the sale or transfer, whichever is higher.” Essentially, this implies that the initial seller runs the risk of forfeiting the substantial profit they earned.

According to fellow YouTuber DennisCW, he has consulted with multiple lawyers regarding the enforceability of this rule and the consensus is that it is not. In his words, “It says liquid damages, and it’s really hard to prove that with a resale. I don’t know if Tesla has actually gone after people [for this], but they have banned people from purchasing their vehicles.” He also believes that it would not reflect well on Tesla if they were to sue a large number of their customers.

The recent Manheim auction featured a Cybertruck that was sold for a whopping $244,000. The winning bid came from Porsche South Orlando, who will now be the proud owner of this unique vehicle.

According to Wolfe, the success of the Cybertruck will not last indefinitely, as evidenced by the release of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup. Upon its initial launch, certain Edition 1 models of the electric Hummer were fetching prices upwards of $325,000. However, the demand for these vehicles has since petered out and the market has significantly cooled. It is only a matter of time before Tesla’s highly anticipated newcomer experiences a similar fate.

Tesla could take a lesson from Porsche on how to deter individuals from reselling its latest models. Similarly to Porsche’s 911 S/T, Tesla could implement a policy that requires buyers to lease their vehicles for a minimum of 12 months before being eligible to purchase them. This tactic would discourage any potential scalpers from profiting off of cars intended for passionate car aficionados to truly experience.

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