See the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT’s Nürburgring Record Run in Under 20 Words

The Fearless Driver Who Dared to Go Hands-Free at 171 mph on the Nurburgring’s Straight Stretch

The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT holds the title of being the swiftest four-door production car to conquer the Nürburgring’s challenging Nordschleife track. Its impressive record-breaking time of 7 minutes and 7.55 seconds, achieved in 2020, came extremely close to outpacing the Rimac Nevera as the fastest electric vehicle at this renowned circuit.

Based on the statistics, the most dominant Porsche in production is incredibly fast. However, figures can only convey a limited amount of information. On the other hand, footage captured from inside the car provides us with a glimpse of the true impact of these performance numbers.

Strap in for a class record lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a Taycan Turbo GT

The recently released footage from Porsche on Wednesday highlights the impressive feat accomplished by the Taycan Turbo GT in setting a new record time. Under the expert direction of driver Lars Kern, the latest Porsche model reaches a staggering speed of 175mph on the challenging track at Kottenborn and Schwedenkreuz – known for its high-speed stretches. Surprisingly, even with a weight of nearly 5,000 pounds, the corners leading up to the final sprint demonstrate the Taycan’s stability and agility.

Shortly after, another exciting moment occurs as Kern skillfully maneuvers the Turbo GT through a rapid stretch of the track. This part, known as Fuchsrohre, requires courage from the driver. With the car soaring at 160 mph in this challenging descent and ascent leading up to the corner mentioned earlier, it is easy to see why bravery is needed. In the video, Kern effortlessly glides through this section, making it seem effortless.

This is true for the entire in-car footage, as Kern expertly navigates through the Nordschleife’s renowned Karussell corner. He maintains a steady speed of at least 60 mph through all the challenging turns on the back half of the course. Surprisingly, at a brisk 171 mph while cruising down the main straight, he confidently removes both hands from the wheel. It’s unclear why, but we aspire to have such boldness when we become seasoned drivers.

Porsche has recently achieved the highest EV production record at the Nürburgring, not only for the four-door category but also for the overall series production. It must be noted, however, that this record currently belongs to the Rimac Nevera, a highly exclusive hypercar, while the upcoming Turbo GT will be available to a wider market. Despite this, the Nevera’s lap time of 7:05.2 still stands as a remarkable achievement for a production EV, beating the Taycan Turbo GT’s record by 2.35 seconds. It is likely that Porsche will strive for another Nürburgring attempt in the future.

Source: Porsche / YouTube

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