Seeing K24-Swap Ferrari 308 GTB in Action

Prepping a K-Swapped Ferrari: Tackling Surprising Complexities

Mike Burroughs, hailing from Costa Mesa, California, has spent over two years undertaking a custom Ferrari 308 build. What sets it apart is the switch from the regular 2.9-liter V8 to a robust Honda K24 turbo engine. Already demonstrating 9,500 rpm and 810 hp on the dyno test, with added possibility of increasing those specs even further.

Prior to unleashing his beast on the track, Burroughs must tackle quite a few challenges. These issues demand astute handiwork. In this YouTube video from StanceWorks, viewers can witness how Burroughs readies his Ferrari for its maiden voyage.

The Honda K24-Swapped Ferrari: The FIRST DRIVE!

Burroughs confronts his first hurdle when needing to replace the distinctive, huge windshield that cracked while installing the roll cage. To remedy the issue, he creates a sort of prototype out of cardboard by using the old windshield as a pattern, and then applying the same form with a thicker Lexan plastic sheet. Unfortunately, when it comes time to install the new full-body shield, Burroughs finds himself having to start all over again because the initial material isn’t equally thick enough.

Repositioning some critical security characteristics inside the race car presents a creative challenge. Burroughs, for instance, needs to reposition three components of a fire extinguishing apparatus. Additionally, installation of 2-inch safety harnesses must be implemented, with suitable modifications after mounting the sitting components and seats.

Different tasks include fabricating the dry sump belt guard and wheel alignment adjusters. Moreover, he has to generate a reworked rear-engine mount due to the unsuccessful utilization of the Honda K24 engine throughout the entire process. Subsequently, he adjusts the spring force and motion ratios of the Ferrari’s suspension and lastly lowers the rims by only a few millimeters so that the tires can safely pass through the wheel arches.

Having finished a handful of additional objectives, such as positioning it properly and matching up the CAN pad to the newly manufactured mounting bracket, Burroughs maneuvers the StanceWorks Ferrari 308 GTB for an exhilarating ride around his area. The clutch safety system was a bit strange at first; however, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. The car was running extraordinarily tight and reactive.

Despite his desire to unleash its full potential on this trial run, Burroughs knows that the jammed street and the presence of the local precinct are both strong reasons to hold back. Further perfecting may be necessary before it can race on a proper track, however the two-plus years of tough dedication invested in the K-24 supercar have definitely produced dividends.

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