Ford Reveals Mustang EV Dragster April 13

Electric Burnout with Parachutes and Bumper Car Name

As you are getting ready to expend the Easter weekend together with your family, Ford has plans just a few days after. On April 13 something big is being cooked up, and all clues suggest that the Blue Oval will at last be unveiling an incredibly powerful electric Mustang. How does the term ‘Super Cobra Jet 1800’ sound to you?

A short teaser video recently shared by Ford Performance on Twitter has got many people talking. The clip features a motor that seems to be producing a lot of power, and the only information given is the promise of “pushed limits” coming on April 13. To add to the speculation, the post was accompanied by a lightning bolt emoji, which all but confirms that this motor is electric.

At this particular time, we have more queries than solutions; however, halting the video at its ideal moment (as was done with the image at the initiation of the article) offers several hints to what is impending. Taken from initial glance, it is simple to identify the car featuring a Super Cobra Jet in white with red highlights versus the matte black colouring. Further inspection discloses a blue number below the named tools, which many believe to be 1800 if further confirmation is required regarding the vehically being electric – blue is now regularly used as the signal for electric power within the auto community.

It’s obvious that this is a two-door Mustang when compared to the Mach-E. The rear part is distinct, highlighted by the red horizontal reflectors and unique taillight design; it is known that this isn’t a new seventh model around but actually a prior sixth-one. Additionally, the huge drag race parachute situated at the back affirms that it is specifically developed for dragging. Also, could we expect any other than 1,800 horsepower being packed in?

Absolutely, it is likely much more than that. No doubt, you remember the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, Ford’s premier all-electric Mustang drag car that first revealed in April 2020. It made a staggering 1,502 horsepower from the wheels, and achieved an eighth of a mile race clocking 8.27 seconds at nearly 170 mph. This one carries the name Super Cobra jet – no doubt an homage to its predecessor, the iconic Super Cobra Jet models back in the late-1960s. By calling it such, it conveys its potency in surpassing the electric prototype of 2020.

As this exceptional weekend comes to a close, stay tuned for April 13th, when we’ll be disclosing all the information related to this new, extreme Mustang. What degree of ability will it boast? Will it simply be a single prototype or something more enduring?

Source: Ford Performance via Twitter

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