320 HP Cobra Vic Ford Crown Victoria, Manual Transmission For Sale

18 Modified Roush Cars For Bondurant and Marauder

“Back in the 1990s, Ford’s Special Vehicle Team had all kinds of creative notions for performance. One of their ideas was an SVT Crown Victoria, with a five-speed manual and an engine from a Mustang Cobra – a full-size body-on-frame sedan that would surely have been a hit. Unfortunately, this car never saw the light of day, yet Roush took the concept and ran with it, producing 18 ‘Cobra Vic’ models for the Bob Bondurant driving school in Arizona. Now, one of them is available for purchase!”

This current Ford is showcased on Bring A Trailer, and as of this article’s publishing on the 21st of September, the most generous offer stands at $23,000 with just 24 hours to bid. As indicated in the itemization, back in 2022 it was obtained from the Bondurant estate bearing its original insignia. A few portions have been coated anew, yet the sun-damaged clearcoat plus different patches with deferred color are noted in the item specs.

An impressive 600 miles are recorded on the odometer, an astonishing total especially for this 23-year-old large Ford saloon. Despite this, it is still remarkable given what it was used for – one can safely suppose most of these were miles accumulated from arduous laps round the school track. Regardless, it still performs; as highlighted in the clip at the head of this feature, the Vic drives like a freshly manufactured car.

Originally, no Crown Victoria was ever released with a fully-enclosed roll cage, fuel tank, cutoff battery switch or five-speed manual gearbox. These modifications were added by Roush, including improvements to the suspension system such as heavier-duty roll bars, Eibach-equipped lowering springs, 3.73 gears and a Ford Traction-Lok limited slip differential. It employs 17-inch Cobra R wheels and the five-speed switch is mounted on the center console from a Ford Contour (also known as a first-generation Mondeo in Europe). The engine originates from the 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra and is capable of churning out 320 horsepower.

The Ford corporation had never included a performance version of their flagship sedan, but the essence of the SVT Crown Victoria was brought to fruition with the 2003 Mercury Marauder. Powered by the modified Cobra V8 from 1996-1998 Mustang and again in the Mach 1 2003-2004, this mighty engine was able to generate as much as 302 horsepower. Other enhancements included a stylish front fascia equipped with circular fog lamps, silver 17-inch five spoke wheels, a unique set of white gauges, and a menacing black hue on the car’s exterior. To complete the performance theme, the transmission is a floor shifted four-speed auto – instead of an available five-speed clutch.

With limited production to a mere 18 total, Bondurant’s Crown Vics have become extremely uncommon. Through the walk-around video, it became evident that this specific car belonged to Bob himself. Any guesses as for what the outstanding bid on this truly momentous Ford artifact will be?

Source: Bring A Trailer

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