Slammed Fiat: Revved-Up Driving Experience

Two-Stroke Power Gliding On Three Wheels

We’re all familiar with the concept of slammed cars. While this form of customization can oftentimes be impractical, if it is implemented correctly, it can certainly upgrade the handling capabilities. Nevertheless, we’ve recently stumbled upon an insane-looking slammed Fiat Panda from Italy.

For the novice, vehicles with a slammed look feature reduced ground clearance compared to that intended by the producer, attained through a tweaked suspension structure.

Still maintaining a sense of absurdity, the Italian YouTube channel Carmagheddon has pushed the concept of decreasing the level of a vehicle to its ultimate conclusion. This amazingly looks like an imperfection in a video game, with only the top area and the bonnet of a Fiat Panda seemingly suspending over the ground.


It is quite remarkable how they were able to accomplish this feat. It required the amputation of the Panda’s lower portions, yet its roof, hood, and nearly all the elements above the door hinges remained intact.

The next step is to assemble the “rolling chassis,” equipped with three wheels and a two-stroke engine. To ensure it rolls smoothly, the hood is fitted with casters. The exhaust system is a must, as the driver’s face is only a few inches away from the engine.

The outcome is a car with merely 1.2 inches of ground approval. Its structure is reduced to the extent that its pilot needs to creep on a wooden block to manage to fit inside.

Visibility is nonexistent; the Panda’s greenhouse has been obscured with an intensely dark shade to protect the intention behind what the YouTubers were attempting to create. To maneuver the vehicle, the motorist gets access to a GoPro which has been connected to a mobile phone, giving him the ability to discern his route.

This isn’t a reasonable design for the European version of the Fiat 500, yet it is certainly amusing. One could even say that this harebrained homage to one of the most iconic Italian micro-cars ever manufactured is wildly entertaining – albeit rather foolish.

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