Tesla Model S: Over 1.2 Million Miles and Growing

Electric Fiat Panda: Coming 2021
The story of the world record Tesla with 1.9 million km and its owner

Unearth what is asserted to be the planet’s most far-reaching Tesla, and Fiat could construct an electric Panda in Serbia beginning in 2024.

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A Tesla Model S with a high-mileage had its three battery packs and 13 electric motors replaced. This vehicle, which had accumulated a significant number of kilometres, was equipped with new power components that were put in place to revitalize the auto. The previous assemblage was taken out thoroughly and substituted entirely with the new replacements. This process streamlined the car’s overall performance, allowing it to operate at a more consistent level than before.

There is no denying that this Tesla Model S has a certain, normal appearance but those decals indicate it is part of an elite group. Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg possesses what is likely the total farthest ventured Tesla throughout the planet due to the fact his electrical automobile has accumulated 1,901,067 kilometers or 1,181,268 miles. A latest documentary discloses the adventure of how the eco-friendly sedan has been heavily used since 2014 when it got acquired by its current proprietor. At purchase it had 30,000 km (18,641 miles) on the clock, but facilities the owner was provided ensures everlasting exploration.

This Model S P85, known for its considerable mileage, no longer has its original battery. It has actually had its battery replaced three times. Right now, its true range is around 400 kilometres (249 miles). Its owner is careful to ensure they don’t overuse the battery by never taking the car out for longer than 100 kilometres (62 miles), even across Germany’s Autobahn areas that are speed limit-free. They likewise charge it when it goes below 20 percent to avoid draining it completely.

Throughout its lifespan, the Tesla has seen at least thirteen motor replacements since it began traveling all around the world, including in regions such as Africa, Morocco, Sweden, Austria, and China. Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg, a loyal investor and shareholder of the company, is also an owner of one of the first releases of the Roadster which, amazingly, has clocked up almost 735,000 kilometers (457,000 miles).

Fiat may assemble an electric Panda in Serbia. This arrangement by the Italian manufacturer could be a potential occurrence that would enable them to manufacture one of their favored, miniature models with environmentally friendly technology. It has been speculated that production of this EV version of the car would take place at the FCA factory situated in Kragujevac. It is being contemplated that Fiat could fabricate an electrically powered Panda within Serbia. This potentiality from the Italian automobile company may afford them the capability to build one of their favored, pocket sized autos using eco-friendly properties. Reports have insinuated that assembly of this electric vehicle model might transpire at the FCA plant found in Kragujevac.

According to Automotive News Europe, during a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, disclosed that Stellantis would construct an all-electric Panda in Kragujevac. This sudden revelation is quite unexpected. It has previously been affirmed that the new Panda will be unveiled on July 11, 2024 – synchronizing nicely with Fiat’s 125th anniversary celebration.

The electrified Panda from Fiat is believed to be analogous to the Citroën e-C3. The Gallic version can be purchased in Europe for just over $25,300 but an even more affordable option, priced at less than $22,000, is supposedly being released in 2025. It is speculated that the model from Fiat will adhere closely to the Centoventi concept presented in March 2019.

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