Sleek Exposed Shifter on De Tomaso P72: A Pagani-Inspired Masterpiece

Design influenced by elegant Fabergé egg aesthetic.

Following their earlier announcement this month that the stunningly vintage P72 has been approved for manufacturing, De Tomaso has released a more detailed view of the interior, particularly focusing on the intricate shifter and its visible linkage mechanisms. And what a magnificent shifter it is. Drawing parallels to Pagani’s mechanical controls, a Faberge egg, or any other elaborate artwork of your choice, the P72 features a sleek copper gear lever with delicate etchings of the De Tomaso logo and a diamond motif.

“The design of the P72 shifter is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of our team,” states the automaker, teasing us with the promise of even more detailed revelations to come.

De Tomaso is dedicated to producing only 72 units of their latest model, and they intend to take their time in perfecting each and every car. We have high confidence that a wide array of unique finishes and materials, beyond what has been revealed thus far, will be presented to each purchaser. It would be inappropriate for anything less than perfection when the cost stands at €750,000 (equivalent to roughly $815,000).

When De Tomaso unveiled the P72 at Goodwood in 2019, the initial lever design was not unappealing, but it did have a touch of flashy extravagance. However, the latest iteration shifts the focus to the transmission lever, elevating it to the main feature of the console rather than simply blending in. It is possible that both fully exposed and partially covered transmission hardware options will be available.

The latest redesign of the shifter boasts a minimalist approach by incorporating leather, while also sporting a sleek silver finish (possibly made of titanium or billet aluminum) and less shiny copper accents. Every fastener, lever, spring, and bezel adds to the overall impressive look, though it should be noted that these images are merely digital mock-ups, despite their realistic appearance.

A more accurate depiction of the original prototype design can be observed in the video provided later on.

An article posted on the official De Tomaso Automobili Instagram page.De Tomaso Automobili recently took to Instagram to share some exciting updates with their followers. The company has been making waves in the automotive industry and their Instagram page is a great way to stay updated on their latest developments.The Italian luxury car manufacturer has been creating high-quality, innovative vehicles since its inception. With each new model, De Tomaso pushes the boundaries of design and engineering, resulting in cars that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform exceptionally well on the road.Fans of De Tomaso were treated to a sneak peek at the brand’s newest release through the Instagram post. The image showcased a sleek, powerful sports car with stunning details that are sure to capture the attention of car enthusiasts all over the world.In addition to sharing updates on their latest creations, De Tomaso also uses their Instagram platform to engage with their audience. Followers are encouraged to share their love for the brand by tagging them in posts and using relevant hashtags. This not only helps to spread the word about the brand, but it also creates a community of loyal supporters and fans.With a strong presence on Instagram, De Tomaso is able to connect with their audience in a unique and engaging way. Their visually appealing

According to De Tomaso, the shifter in the P72 is not just a mere component, but rather a “masterpiece of engineering” that is also likened to a “tactile symphony.” It serves as a crucial element in ensuring that the driver’s connection with the road is transformed into an intimate and soulful experience, characterized by a graceful balance of power and finesse. Speaking of finesse, the P72 boasts a six-speed manual gearbox that delivers power exclusively to the rear wheels. With a rear axle that can handle up to 700 horsepower and 608 lb-ft of torque, courtesy of a Coyote V8 engine similar to the one found in a Mustang Dark Horse, the P72 is no stranger to raw power. However, unlike its counterpart, this V8 is equipped with a Roush supercharger, resulting in a significant increase of 200 horsepower.

HWA, the creator of the powerful engine in both the legendary Pagani Huayra R and the newly revamped Mercedes 190E, has now teamed up with De Tomaso for their latest venture.HWA, the firm behind the renowned motor powering the esteemed Pagani Huayra R and the recently improved Mercedes 190E, is now embarking on a new journey alongside De Tomaso.

From top to bottom, inside and outside, the P72 is bound to be a work of art. The anticipation for De Tomaso’s next reveal is palpable.

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