Small RC Big Rigs: A Fun Way to Work Harder – For Thousands

High Cost of Detailed Machines

Radio-controlled vehicles put the automotive experience into a more condensed frame. They can be acquired at numerous cost levels, and some versions possess additional complexity and extras than others. The RC models in the video above have an impressive amount of detail that goes past just replicating the looks of actual dump trucks, excavators, semis, and other bulky machines.

A considerable amount of the machines in the video flaunt impressive levels of detail. Numerous models feature working lights that contribute to the lifelike feel, yet this only accounts for a miniscule portion of their features. Several automobiles are kitted out with illuminated control panels and display screens, with motor noises and reversing beeps perfectly concealing the buzz of the powerful electric engines. Quite a few clips in the video even imitate the sounds of an actual building site.

Given the intricate level of fine detail present, most of these models retail for at least one thousand dollars. As an example, we can look to the 5-axle low-loader semi-trailer which is currently valued at 5,512 Euros (equivalent to 6,004 US Dollars based on present exchange rates). This specific model features a storage box at the front, anchor plates and sunken lashing points, folding chassis extensions, and full wiring with rear light and side markers.

Not all showcased in the film are exorbitant. The 5:25 JDM-198 RTR loader is, comparatively speaking, much more economical coming in at $2241 for one particular version. Just as strong, the 1/14th scale articulated dump truck seen at 8:55 can be purchased on for a miserly $2052. Sitting between both of these extremes is the Kabolite Liebhe 350 excavator rading in at $3456 (3:30). Even better, its companion LESU Lieghe loader from 5:43 can be procured at $2884, nevertheless bear in mind that this model arrives baseless and unpainted.

RC vehicles, such as these industrious trucks, embody the sheer magnitude of automobile trends. These aren’t the kind of cars that grace hoardings and journals, but they can be equally wondering – especially considering their minuscule 1/14 size – and capable in achieving tasks. The footage displays these amazing machines excavating dirt which is then transferred and gone with by dump trucks – an analog of real life.

Not all people will necessarily possess thousands of dollars to buy the toys, yet there are cheaper versions out there that may not possess the same magnitude of detail. The radio-controlled market has many products accessible to everyone regardless of financial size, highlighting more than just makes and models with RC engines and transmissions that resemble much of the engineering accomplished by modern automobiles.

Source: RC RC RC!!! / YouTube

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