Sorry Web: Big Grille’s Working for BMW

BMW 4 and 7 Series Sales Skyrocket in 2023.

These days, BMW seems to be a great admirer of large kidney grilles; something that a countless number of internet users regret as another way for the company to lose its personality. Nonetheless, sales do not reflect this sentiment. As we bid farewell to the year 2023 and welcome 2024, the sales of the 4 Series and 7 Series with gigantic radiators have seen a large growth. While there are caveats worth noting, the figures cannot be disregarded.

The 7 Series and 4 Series by BMW have seen a remarkable recovery, with sales soaring up an immense 80.9 percent and 37.4 percent, respectively. This is all the more impressive when you consider that the global car market was rocked by the pandemic in 2020, leading to supply chain issues that hindered production. Despite these challenges, BMW has managed to get its deliveries back on track, with the 7 Series and 4 Series leading the charge. It’s an incredible feat, and one that speaks to the resilience of the automaker.

It’s worth noting that BMW has been selling a lot of cars with 4 and 7 badges recently. The 4 Series is now more than just a two-door gas-powered coupe; it’s also available as an electric sedan, an ICE-powered sedan, and an ICE-powered convertible. Plus, the “M” models don’t get broken out separately. The same can be said for the 7 Series. It’s no longer just the ICE model; there’s also the electric i7, which is available in a variety of trims.

Despite this, cars with more conventional styling such as the 3 Series and 2 Series have not experienced the prosperity that the 4 and 7 series have. In fact, the Z4 has seen an upsurge of 20% year over year, along with a manual transmission version arriving soon. Therefore, even if the web may be in pandemonium because aesthetically displeasing cars are being picked up in abundance, arguably BMW’s most attractive model is similarly faring quite favorably. Am I included in all this?

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