Spy Shots Reveal Hardcore Land Rover Defender SVR with Bold Wheel Arch Design

Aggressive New Defender Spotted in the Wild: A High-Performance Upgrade

The highly anticipated Land Rover Defender SVR/SV/SVX (it is yet to be confirmed which name it will go by) was recently caught on camera while undergoing testing in Aylesbury, United Kingdom. Despite being heavily disguised with camouflage, photos of the top-of-the-line SUV have managed to make their way onto the internet.

Despite initial impressions, it is evident that the vintage-inspired SUV has undergone numerous updates that will only be available on the high-performance SVR version. The front and rear fenders have been considerably heightened compared to its lower-end counterparts, and a quad-tipped exhaust offers a glimpse of enhanced power.

Since this is a prototype, it is to be presumed that the final version will likely incorporate further design elements. Anticipate a more prominent hood protrusion, bolder bumpers, and wheels exclusively reserved for the SVR model.

As per the individual who captured the photos, X user @hjwakerly, the test mule of the Defender emitted a distinct V8 roar.

Fascinating Prototype in Aylesbury ??Sounded like a V8 and was severely damaged. The curved structures appeared to be thicker and it raced past us with a powerful roar. What could be the reason behind this? pic.twitter.com/DUOfKYUY11

For quite a while now, the Defender has been offering an eight-cylinder motor as an option. However, it is rumored that the SVR version will soon be upgraded to feature the brand new 4.4-liter V8 engine found in the latest Range Rover, or possibly even the M version of that same engine that powers the Range Rover Sport SV.This long-standing model, the Defender, has long had the option of an eight-cylinder engine. But there’s talk about the upcoming SVR variation getting a revamp with the introduction of either the new 4.4-liter V8 from the latest Range Rover, or perhaps even the pumped-up M version used in the Range Rover Sport SV.

The engine, acquired from BMW, provides a robust 626 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque for these models. This abundance of power and force is achieved through twin-turbocharging and a mild-hybrid support, effectively elevating the Defender to a direct competitor of the Mercedes-AMG G63. The iconic Mercedes has always been the coveted status symbol for the global elite, making it a valuable feat if JLR can successfully enter this market and significantly boost their profits.

It will be intriguing to observe whether the Defender SVR comes in the form of a refined and lavish SUV with a focus on road performance, or if it will simply be a highly potent and upscale substitute for the Bronco Raptor.

According to surveillance footage taken at the Nurburgring, it is evident that the Defender will excel on paved surfaces. However, this does not imply a lack of off-road capabilities. As a Land Rover vehicle, it is expected to be capable enough to match the toughest all-terrain vehicles. Whether or not it will actually be utilized for such purposes remains to be seen.

On the other hand, it is conceivable that the SVR could become a viable competitor to the Wrangler 392 and Bronco Raptor. There are signs that support this theory. Recently, CarBuzz discovered a patent that revealed two cutting-edge elements that could potentially be utilized in an extreme off-road performer. A distinctive roll cage, paired with an advanced suspension setup and a novel bump-stop configuration were detailed. While these innovations seem more fitting for a Bowler motorsport model, certain aspects of this technology may be incorporated into the Defender SVR.

There is currently no information available regarding the release date of the high-end SUV, however, we anticipate it will coincide with a full model redesign and potentially the inclusion of an all-electric Defender, which could happen as early as next year.

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